Sunday, May 10, 2020


Jefford Curré gives his highest film salute to the leading ladies streaming their way in the new world of box-office excitement. The leading man of action encourages the ladies to keep family engaged and on point. 

''Give them the opportunity to make a friendly check-up on the real-life potential of any and all new associates," said Jefford,  as he announced the opening of a new season in the new world of box-office excitement.  He went on to say, ''Before entering into any relationship arrangement you should know exactly who you are dealing with. If the individual needs to keep their past life completely hidden, it may be for a good reason. A reason that may benefit them, but not necessarily you."

As a confident box-office entrepreneur, you may squirm at the idea of needing protection.  Try to remember your risk issues are different but very real.   You may feel that your business is your business, but if something goes wrong, your business becomes a problem for more than just you. It becomes also a problem for the people who love you. If you love them equally, you should think about minimizing your need for privacy among them and be completely transparent with them.  You need your team so there is no room for selfish thinking. People  may not be able to, or may not feel obligated to help in crises if they were not given an opportunity to be in your life. 

There is always a chance of repairing the damage or soliciting forgiveness, it usually takes a long trust journey.  You don't need pain to validate your toughness.  If you have already braved through the early turbulance of your box-office journey against incredible odds, you have nothing to prove. The struggle has equipped you with wisdom to make better choices ahead. 

The goal is joyful, blissful living. This won't come without making yourself accountable to your team to keep you on track. Relationships in the film entertainment business is much like a marriage. Box-office entrepreneurs, looking forward to building a family empire must remember one thing. Get the wedlock wrong and it's an ongoing mess, like a lifetime of painful musical chairs. Get the wedlock right and it's a life of bliss. Simply unexplainable bliss. It's as simple as that. Life is challenging enough without the extra foolishness. If you love messy situations, endless complaining, unnecessary problems, tortuous grief and painful drama this advice is not for you.

On the other hand, if you have had enough and ready to change on your own, this could be a point to implement an accountable structure. You will need tested family members to enforce a better plan. There will always be note-worthy spikes along the way.  Sustainable success will take time and lots of learning from mistakes. You will need patients, humility and a good attitude about being corrected. Master the art of apologizing quickly to keep moving forward. Most of all you will have to start processing compliments in a positive light. Don't wake up miserable and expect a great day. No one is responsible for your feelings.  Take charge. If you need it, find mentorship that will help you evolve to your better self.

Nothing will transition you to new levels of wealth faster than working conscientiously with people you love.  No two situations are the same when it comes to family setups. Your family does not always have to be  blood relatives, however, a tested group with the same values on the issues that matter to you can often work well in the absence of a traditional family.  Live your cool life intentional. Whatever is to be will only be, if you allow or enable it to be with your preempt choices.  A well organized, dicipline family or group of goal sharing partners you trust, can  be trained in a short time to help you navigate sustainable success. Move toward your goal with poise and confidence as you make your indomitable  mark in the new world of box-office excitement.

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