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Bahamas first movie, big budget remake. The global impact of the Bahamian film market.

Who will make the cast of the big budget remake of the Bahamas first movie, "Paradise Intrigue''

Before entering the movie business Jefford Curre' held what was considered to be perhaps the world's most dangerous job. For five tumultuous years he lived committed under "Bond style" conditions working the outer limits of the Bahamas as an English trained direct entry specialist, attached to the Royal Bahamas Defense Force. He Operated beyond the call of duty while managing multi-million dollar temptations in an environment that attracted some of the world's most beautiful women and deadliest of real life villains. In five and a half years Jefford Curre' racked up 37 successful highly classified missions to his credit. Trading on his reputation as a well liked no nonsense professional in the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, he successfully made an unconventional transition that enabled him to engineer the start of the Bahamas Film Industry. With the help of visionary resort operators, he established the Paradise Island base Megavision Pictures Ltd. (Bahamas first movie company) and kick-started the launch of the Bahamas first movie "Paradise Intrigue". As Megavision Pictures reloads for the much talked about big budget remake of "Paradise Intrigue", the original indigenous feature has made its way among the most creative classics of all time. In a world over run by sophisticated money launderers, murderous drug criminals and disgruntle weapons experts, Jefford's "Bond style" image takes an unconventional twist as he leads a crusade of courage, respect and rugged professionalism to save a peaceful playground from total destruction.

As "Paradise Intrigue" repositions itself for a global release, there may very well be a major change in characters, above and below the board. Critics express that new faces into the big budget game plan could add to the already excellent marketing edge the film has over its competition. The greatest concern is to plan against fallout in its indigenous interpretation or cultural value. It's the making of this Bahamas flagship movie, or perhaps the principles of the story itself that gives this project a rare distinction. You must understand the whole story or see the bigger picture of the obstacles that had to be overcome in order to make this project a reality. It's only then that you'll understand why Jefford Curre' is called the Bahamas leading man of action. Most important, you'll realize why he is such a huge inspiration to so many around the world who struggle to make impossible dreams come true.

Jefford Curre' invites you to celebrate

2014 marks the 20th anniversary
of ‘’Paradise Intrigue’’,
‘’Megavision Pictures’’
and the rise of the ‘’Bahamas Film Industry’’.

Well if you haven’t heard it by now, one of the most exciting buzz around town is that Jefford Curre’, the star of Paradise Intrigue’’, the Bahamas first movie, is blazing the trail as a much welcome headliner of the Box-Office Superstar Summit. The tour takes him into 91 cities and 200 stopovers. It is the first in a year long lineup of spectacular entertainment events that celebrates the 20th anniversary of ‘’Paradise Intrigue’’, ‘’Megavision Pictures’’ and the rise of the ‘’Bahamas Film Industry’’.

Jefford Curre’ is an award winning talent of distinguished merits. The eccentric entertainment arts and science genius first rose to fame as the inventor of the Bahamas Film Industry. In 1994 he established the Paradise Island base Megavision Pictures Limited, (Bahamas first movie company). The Bahamas leading man of action also created, starred in and directed “Paradise Intrigue’’ the (Bahamas first and most successful movie franchise).
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In 2010 the Wall Street Journal discovered Jefford Curre’ and included him in a pick of only seven individuals, selected from a network of 800 business professionals. The featured article "The Networking Game" at brought to the attention of the world, a cool innovative power player committed to the advancement of civilization with a much bigger plan.

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Megavision Pictures newest cinema innovations

New technology, new approach.
 Delivering broad audience blockbusters.

Stars in Paradise is investigating rumors in the Bahamas Film Industry that indicates that Megavision Pictures could release information on its blockbuster lineup for 2014 as early as next week. If that proves to be true, don't expect to see these movies hanging on the "hope I make it list" of any film festival.

Megavision Pictures has participated in a number of  high-end research which have resulted in the development of a new approach to theatrical distribution . You may want to pay close attention to the entertainment trade publications over the next few months.

First run theatrical release are the focus of a wide catalog acquired by Megavision Pictures and Curre' Pictures.

Curre’ Pictures develops and produces a wide catalog of heart-warming dramas, as well as high impact adventure stories. These movies are first run theatrical release, set in the future, with visionary concepts and assumptions of the next step in civilization. Day to day issues of life, and challenging solutions, makes the Curre' Pictures line up a must-see big cinema experience.

The Megavision Network repositions for power opening as the Bahamas film market embraces advantages.

The Megavision Network repositions for power opening and expanded network affiliates in USA, Canada, Asia, Bahamas and South America. 

Plus, ''Stars In Paradise'' the all Bahamian movie channel carried on The Megavision Network is retooling with the hiring of a new executive team.

The Megavison Network moves within striking distance, as executives brace to out maneuver fierce competition in the global market place. The company will increase staff by 64% to better manage growth over the next 18 months.

Filmmaking tips from the Bahamas Film Industry

Making your film a reality

If money is no object and you are well established you can make any kind of movie on any subject matter and you can do it on any continent.
if you are just starting out, the best way to make your film a reality without spending a lot of money is to:
1. Base it around the things that you already have.
2.The environment you are in
3.The people around you.
For example, don’t try writing a screenplay that has to take place aboard a speeding yacht, unless you own one or can afford to rent or buy one. If you don’t even know a friend who owns one, the film will never happen.
First, visualize your movie inside your head, shot by shot, cut by cut. Draw out those shots on a storyboard. Next, you’ll need equipment, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a camera. Just ask a friend or someone you know that has a camera, to borrow their own. Some film schools and civic organizations offer year round training that includes equipment. Finally, there’s post-production. When you have finished shooting your movie, you need to find a good processor to develop your film. Sometimes they give discount rates to students or low – budget productions. Lastly, you will need to edit. After it’s changed to video format you can use a video editing system like: Final cut pro or Avid to do your editing.-

Bahamas first movie company leads the future

Megavision Pictures, a clear and decisive model of 21st century leadership.

Under the creative direction of box-office superstar, owner, Jefford Curre', Megavision Pictures exhibits a clear and decisive model of 21st century leadership. As the company assumes its position as a world class brand, it continues to focus on highly motivated students and career changing professionals. Megavision Pictures is bringing new meaning to the phrase “The world’s a stage and all are actors". Impressively surviving almost two decades of the Bahamas’ cinematic dark ages, Megavision Pictures has emerged onto the international scene as a beacon of brilliance, with a show of incredible strength, rising even beyond the fog of a worldwide recession. -