Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bahamas could get new T.V channel

Stars In Paradise is set to launch new Bahamian channel on The Megavision Network.

Talks are on the way as Stars In Paradise (the Bahamas leading film industry magazine) makes ready to launch its first 24/7 channel. Powered by The Megavision Network, Stars In Paradise channel is expected to capitalize on a well established trail of excellence, as it will mainly focus on the work of the indigenous box-office entrepreneurs, while providing refreshing opportunities for savvy students, writers and career changing professionals.

The Megavision Network at is the product of ten years of breakthrough research and development, in the area of advance communication. With a finger on the pulse of global concerns and real time progress analysis, The Megavision Network is pushing the envelope in bringing attention to emerging business concepts with much success. The Megavision Network is driving the exploration of wide base, user friendly social media technology with a multiple satellite platform approach.

More news to come. Stay apart of the action, stay apart of new trends.

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Hot chicks and tough guys are flocking the curse-free, drug free Bahamas movie set

The Bahamas film industry has evolved as a royal culture of fun, frolic and discipline while making millions and attracting only the best from around the world.
Have you ever felt the urge to just drop everything and start living the life you know you were born to live? Well you are not alone and it may well be a clear sign that you may be forcing yourself to operate out of your element. It may simply not be your calling. Are you an entrepreneur, student, writer or career changing professional? Are you seriously looking for an opportunity to lighten up, reduce the mundane stress factor and have more fun while making a living? THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Keep it simple, fulfilling and profitable. If you are not in the mood for smoking, cursing, drinking, doing drugs and you don’t mind training with some of the hottest chicks and the coolest guys on the planet, we invite you to send in your resume or an introductory letter. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing. If you are ready to make a change, we would love to hear from you. There is a catch, you must be open for training or flexible enough to be re-trained into our success proven way of box-office career development. -

24 new Bahamas film industry movies in line for distribution by Megavision Pictures.

The action kicks off

with the global release of JEFFORD CURRE'


The story follows a top secret government agent who finds himself at the center of a global crisis. He's a high target for underground recruitment, and the top priority of an international manhunt. It’s a race against time and against all odds, as the Bahamas’ leading man of action battles to save the peaceful playground from total destruction.

Bahamas film industry biggest book launch well on the way.

JEFFORD CURRE’S new book marks the twentieth anniversary of the Bahamas Movie Industry, and activates a bold new era in the fast growing cinematic movement.

On November 28th JEFFORD CURRE’, the star of Paradise Intrigue’’ (the Bahamas first movie), head of the Paradise Island based Megavision Pictures limited, (Bahamas first movie company), and the man who kick-started the indigenous movie making movement in the Bahamas will release his first memoir.
There is a good chance we’ll find out why they call him the Bahamas  leading man of action. Jefford Curre’ gives audiences a candid look behind the scene of his unconventional early childhood.
The story takes you all the way into his eccentric adult life.
From the nerve dangling, pioneering missions of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, to the unprecedented launch of the Bahamas Movie Industry, Jefford Curre’s epic memoir is a captivating journey that could challenge almost everything you thought you knew about the elusive man of action. With much of its content ripped directly from top secret files, brace yourself for a ride into a world that’s steamy, stylish, risky and compelling. Jefford Curre’s epic memoir stands in a class all by itself and not even trying to be like anything you’ve read before. Critics all agree Jefford Curre’s epic memoir delivers spectacular entertainment without compromise or apology. It is a powerful inspiration to anyone who struggles to make impossible dreams come true.
A limited addition of the commemorative new book “Jefford Curre” will be made available in a special introductory release. First, to fan clubs and goal sharing partners, on November 28th, Thanksgiving weekend.
Part proceeds from the sales of this book will go towards the creation of a new motion picture arts and science foundation focused on international crisis prevention management. New cool people and organizations wishing to be a part of Jefford Curre’s movement to advance a drug free, alcohol free, cuss free, fun and frolic culture can get in on the action by signing up at
On may 27th, 2015 “Jefford Curre”, the book will be made available worldwide to the general public via

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You're history!

You're history! You may be in Bahamas movie history an don't even know it.

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