Monday, April 6, 2015

Jefford Curre' salutes Bert Williams on the 20th anniversary of the Bahamas Film Industry

Jefford Curre' salutes Bert Williams, an outstanding Bahamian Actor/Comedian
in the "American Film Industry", during the Vaudeville era.

celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Bahamas Film Industry continues with a well planned line up of spectacular events. For daily updates keep up with

Bahamas could get new T.V channel

Stars In Paradise is set to launch new Bahamian channel on The Megavision Network.

Talks are on the way as Stars In Paradise (the Bahamas leading film industry magazine) makes ready to launch its first 24/7 channel. Powered by The Megavision Network, Stars In Paradise channel is expected to capitalize on a well established trail of excellence, as it will mainly focus on the work of the indigenous box-office entrepreneurs, while providing refreshing opportunities for savvy students, writers and career changing professionals.

The Megavision Network at is the product of ten years of breakthrough research and development, in the area of advance communication. With a finger on the pulse of global concerns and real time progress analysis, The Megavision Network is pushing the envelope in bringing attention to emerging business concepts with much success. The Megavision Network is driving the exploration of wide base, user friendly social media technology with a multiple satellite platform approach.

More news to come. Stay apart of the action, stay apart of new trends.

Check for cutting edge Bahamas film and television information that can keep you ahead of the game.

Who is reading Stars In Paradise?

Readers profile

Movie acquisition executives with the power to make buying decisions.

Savvy professionals looking for entry level employment positions or investment opportunities in the Bahamas film industry.

Students looking for high merit internship and travel opportunities.


Jefford Curre'. At the core of the Bahamas Film Industry

Could he be among the few
positioned well enough
to take the Bahamas
movie industry to the
next level?

With all odds stacked against him, he started his journey as a shy, nerdy, skinny kid, living on a dead end street on the 7 by 21 mile island of New Providence in the Bahamas. Challenging times, hard work, bee stings and fierce discipline, has no doubt played a major role in Jefford Curre’s evolution into a world class, award winning talent. With a whole lot of help, he is successfully rewriting the rules of box-office super-stardom.
To some, he’s a jet setting playboy with a “Midas” touch, to others, he’s a trusted spiritual leader. Whatever your conclusion may be, one thing remains clear and without contest, Jefford Curre’ is more than just a leader, he is an artist beyond compare, and a powerful inspiration to anyone who struggles to make impossible dreams come true.

Follow the path and find out why they call him the Bahamas' leading man of action.

Jefford Curre', on

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Young filmmakers move up faster at is making it easy for start ups to move ahead quickly, by pushing the limits of qualifications, accountability and credentials. Believe it or not you can get some meaningful movie experience just by watching a variety of different movies and paying close attention to things like lighting, the angles of shots, the type of music for certain scenes etc... . However, just watching movies won’t complete the package, find someone who is making movies consistently and talk your way onto the team, even if you have to start as a production assistant standing by to take care of small chores that pop up throughout the day. Even this could be a tough position to get into, but if you offer to work just for experience or deferred payment, more than likely you will beat out the competition. You could end up in a position which will ultimately lead to making money.

You can also utilize your local bookstore or library and read a book about film making, find one that can teach you all the technical things you need to know about film making. This Fall the will offer a wide range of opportunities for young movie makers that really mean business. They won't be free, then again nothing worthwhile ever is.- starsinparadise

Thursday, April 2, 2015

What's your place in the Bahamas new number one industry?

What's your place in the Bahamas movie industry? Stars In Paradise would like to know.

In 1994, Stars In Paradise magazine made its local debut among the  extensive press corp. that covered the courageous launch of Megavision Pictures series of opening events, under the creative direction of Jefford Curre'. This historical moment was the highlight of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce week and provided a portal to the next step in the Bahamas' economic development.

Since that small beginning, Stars In Paradise has grown steadily with the Bahamas Film Industry and has become the most trusted source for Bahamas cinema trade information. Stars In Paradise is the Bahamas’official film industry magazine. Count on us to be there, highlighting the people on the cutting edge of the Bahamas Film Industry.

This is the international premiere of "Stars In Paradise" We look forward to learning about your premieres, festival updates, reviews and deep probing interviews. Let us be the first to know about your movie making plans, progress and success. We at Stars In Paradise magazine understand your need to focus on the positive. We are committed to the Bahamas' movie makers with a global perspective, and our commitment extends equally to manufacturers and educators, who are looking for opportunities to expand their market. That’s why Stars In Paradise magazine is the first choice of Hollywood’s film executives.

With strong industry circulation and a reputation for building superstars, no magazine is better positioned to make a stronger impression on your target market. It is little wonder why Stars In Paradise magazine is the Bahamas’ leading film industry publication.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

History of the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update 
invites you to participate in the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update. 

 What is the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update?

The Bahamas Film Industry timeline update is an online information gathering process. It is open to the public to provide documented information on the accomplishments of Bahamians who rose to fame as a pioneer in the Bahamas Film Industry or as a contributor to the American Film Industry. 
Many Bahamian pioneers in the film industry have been lost in time, others overlooked by the establishments of the past or simply had their importance ignored because of race, color, religious belief, social status, political affiliation, sexual view point or life management philosophy. As a result many are missing from the pages of conventional records.  In continued celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Bahamas Film Industry, we are launching into the future by honoring the accomplishments of those that came before us, as well as the unsung heroes still among us.

If you know anyone who qualifies to be honored in the new official update of the Bahamas Film Industry timeline 
now in progress,  please recommend them by providing us with a brief documented account of their story in the comment section of

Guide lines for participation in the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update.

    1.    Properly identify yourself with your contact, first and last name, email as well as a telephone
         number in the event we need to follow up. 

    2.   Your recommendation comments should be no more than seventy-five words or less. 

    3.  Enter your recommendation comments with the headline that reads, example:  “Recommending
         John Doe” followed by documented  information in the comment box at the bottom of , (files will be stored for review by the Bahamas Film Industry timeline
         committee for timeline placement consideration).

Statement of integrity and governance of the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update is the official data entry point authorized to receive documented recommendations of Bahamians to be considered for inclusion in the  Bahamas Film Industry timeline update. is not a platform for launching complaints, protest, personal attacks or engaging in chat fights or discussions. The platform is not designed to respond to inquiries. reserves the right to not process or discontinue processing of timeline posting at its discretion and for any reason, with or without prior notice.  Being posted in the timeline is considered a well earned honorable privilege, not a right that’s enforceable.  We invite the participation of everyone, as each entry will be received with respectful consideration and process without prejudice and at the highest level of professionalis