Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bahamas movie industry. A worldwide thing.


The expansion of Megavision Pictures and the rise of the Bahamas film industry.

Megavision Pictures has succeeded in  improving the entry level protocol for  box-office entrepreneurs. They have successfully engineered a  level playing field that has positioned them to capitalize on the acquisition of key game changing infrastructures.  With an open door invitation to more than 48 countries, Megavision Pictures industry power players could aggressively lead private sector funding of programs and initiatives that works well with local government, and the growing needs of  box-office entrepreneurs.   

  Out of 86 proposals received over the past 24 months, only 20 have reached a point of consideration.  Even fewer will make it to the finish line.  All proposals are vigorously discussed and debated by Megavision Pictures review division.  The grinding principle in their  decision making process is to determine a core champion excellence that the company can support in the individual, as they explore the  highest commercial potential within the submitted material. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Megavision Pictures newest cinema innovations

New technology, new approach.
 Delivering broad audience blockbusters.

Stars in Paradise is investigating rumors in the Bahamas Film Industry that indicates that Megavision Pictures could release information on its blockbuster lineup for 2013 as early as next week. If that proves to be true, don't expect to see these movies hanging on the "hope I make it list" of any film festival.

Megavision Pictures has participated in a number of  high-end research which have resulted in the development of a new approach to theatrical distribution . You may want to pay close attention to the entertainment trade publications over the next few months.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Enter the top secret world of Jefford Curre'

Understanding the world of Jefford Curre' Exposing the truth behind the intrigue.

Stars In Paradise peeps into the top secret world  of  Jefford Curre' , a man embraced with a sense of mission that's often misunderstood.  Stars In Paradise takes you on a rare look into the private life of the Bahamas leading man of action.  Coming this March on The Megavision Network

Plus, what's on the slate for the months ahead as Megavision Pictures, the Bahamas first movie company reloads for an all out battle to maintain its lead position. The question is, does it have what it takes to meet the challenges ahead?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Full time superstardom in the b

What does it take?

Stars In Paradise has learned through a spokesman for that the nation's economic agenda could be in for a major remake, as local box-office entrepreneurs are seriously rethinking what may be outdated strategies and attitudes. 

What does it really take to succeed full-time in the Bahamas film industry? 

Another great feature story you'll find only in

Keep up with daily, for the latest up-to-the-minute developments in the Bahamas film industry.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's your place in the Bahamas new number one industry?

What's your place in the Bahamas movie industry?  Stars In Paradise would like to know.

In 1994, Stars In Paradise magazine made its local debut among the extensive press corp. that covered the courageous launch of Megavision Pictures series of opening events, under the creative direction of Jefford Curre'. This historical moment was the highlight of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce week and provided a portal to the next step in the Bahamas' economic development.

Since that small beginning, Stars In Paradise has grown steadily with the Bahamas Film Industry and has become the most trusted source for Bahamas cinema trade information. Stars In Paradise is the Bahamas’ official film industry magazine. Count on us to be there, highlighting the people on the cutting edge of the Bahamas Film Industry.

This is the international premiere of "Stars In Paradise" We look forward to learning about your premieres, festival updates, reviews and deep probing interviews. Let us be the first to know about your movie making plans, progress and success. We at Stars In Paradise magazine understand your need to focus on the positive. We are committed to the Bahamas' movie makers with a global perspective, and our commitment extends equally to manufacturers and educators, who are looking for opportunities to expand their market. That’s why Stars In Paradise magazine is the first choice of Hollywood’s film executives.

With strong industry circulation and a reputation for building superstars, no magazine is better positioned to make a stronger impression on your target market. It is little wonder why Stars In Paradise magazine is the Bahamas’ leading film industry publication. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Live it up!

Go for the top,  go for a lot.

Life's best moments don't just happen by chance.

You have to make it happen. - A word from

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fans win big at The Megavision Network


50 free VIP Invites to comic channel opening event.

Be within the first 50 fans to  identify the heavyweight who recently inked a deal with The Megavision Network and win an invite to attend the opening of Story & Animation channel. 
We will give you a hint: Popeye, Paradise Intrigue, Gulliver's Travels, Betty Boop, Felix the Cat.  Keep up with for details on how and when to enter, it will be given on short notice. 
There will be only one more hint coming, stay alert!