Friday, April 19, 2013

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Curse-free, drug-free Bahamas film set.

The Bahamas film industry has evolved as a royal culture of fun, frolic and discipline while making millions and attracting only the best from around the world.
Have you ever felt the urge to just drop everything and start living the life you know you were born to live? Well you are not alone and it may well be a clear sign that you may be forcing yourself to operate out of your element. It may simply not be your calling. Are you an entrepreneur, student, writer or career changing professional? Are you seriously looking for an opportunity to lighten up, reduce the mundane stress factor and have more fun while making a living? THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Keep it simple, fulfilling and profitable. If you are not in the mood for smoking, cursing, drinking, doing drugs and you don’t mind training with some of the hottest chicks and the coolest guys on the planet, we invite you to send in your resume or an introductory letter. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing. If you are ready to make a change, we would love to hear from you. There is a catch, you must be open for training or flexible enough to be re-trained into our success proven way of box-office career development. -

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cutting the cost of reaching the world

"Comasuki" extends its distribution deal with "Megavision Pictures" in order to better serve new market interest.

Full story in "Stars In Paradise" magazine.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Screen writing for the Bahamas Movie Industry

                                                                   headlines the
Winter season tour
gets high poll ratings
as writers benefit from
movie development deals

Heavily inspired by the success of box-office superstar, Jefford Curre', the inventor of the Bahamas Film Industry, new writers want to make their dreams come true. Whether they are in the Bahamas, San Francisco or Japan, they want to make this happen with their names still on the writing credits on opening night. It's a wishful desire, but few may have the spiritual fortitude or industry connections to lead a convincing Hollywood battle. Writers want the ultimate recognition and career launch, that could derive from just one of their creative works. Keeping your name in the game, is the name of the game, however it is an extremely difficult thing to accomplish in today's box-office world, driven by name power. Labels with contractual obligations of a well stacked established writers roster, will always find it a better business decision to ignore the risky new comer. In the eyes of fast dividend seeking investors, an unknown writer would find it an easier task to locate a needle in a hay stack, than to expect priority consideration. So how exactly does a new writer get his/her name in lights? Well actually they don’t.

Actually that is not entirely true. The really creative unsigned writer can always figure out a way to use a search light or a candle to illuminate his/her name on the final draft. He/she can accomplish this best while sitting in a dark apartment with no electricity, but other than that, there have been very few options, if any. Before you start laughing at the poor little writing people, let us finish. Stars In Paradise have learned through the grape vines of Hollywood, that getting to keep your name on a manuscript is not just a poor unknown or unpublished writers problem. We have found out that even the established season unknown writers with money, family clout, government connections and beautiful faces can't break this almost impenetrable industry fraternity code. Lets try to remain positive and industrially honest when it comes to the success of screenplay manuscripts or books, it's all about who wrote it, not what it's about or how well it's written.

Is there a 21st. century solution to this age old problem? Keep up with Stars In Paradise magazine at We will bring you the latest patented innovations that were unveiled by Jefford Curre' at the 2012 Winter Season presentations of the Box-office Superstar Summit Tour.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jefford Curre’ invites you to celebrate

2013 marks the 20th anniversary
of ‘’Paradise Intrigue’’,
‘’Megavision Pictures’’
and the rise of the ‘’Bahamas Film Industry’’.                    

Well if you haven’t heard it by now, one of the most exciting buzz around town is  that Jefford Curre’,  the star of  Paradise Intrigue’’,  the  Bahamas first movie, is blazing the trail as a much welcome headliner of the Box-Office Superstar Summit.  The  tour takes him into  91 cities and 200 stopovers.   It is the first in a year long lineup of spectacular entertainment events that celebrates the 20th anniversary of ‘’Paradise Intrigue’’, ‘’Megavision Pictures’’ and the rise of the ‘’Bahamas Film Industry’’.

Jefford Curre’ is an award winning talent of distinguished merits. The eccentric entertainment arts and science genius first rose to fame as the inventor of the Bahamas Film Industry.  In 1994 he established the Paradise Island base Megavision Pictures Limited, (Bahamas first movie company). The Bahamas leading man of action also created, starred in and directed  “Paradise Intrigue’’ the (Bahamas first and most successful movie frananchise).
Follow up for the complete continuing story as it unfolds  at

In 2010 the Wall Street Journal discovered Jefford Curre’ and included him in a pick of only seven individuals,   selected from a network of 800 business professionals. The featured article "The Networking Game" at  brought to the attention of the world, a cool innovative power player committed to the advancement of civilization with a much bigger plan.

Coming up, don’t miss the latest SiP! SiP! on Jefford Curre’, Sidney Poitier, Lenard Grossman and Danielle Curre’ all on       


Friday, April 12, 2013

Part II Positioning Yourself For Money In The Bahamas Film Industry

Continuing the conversation on "Positioning Yourself For Money" from Jan. 25th 2013 concerning the importance of trust and mentorship in the Bahamas movie and television industry.

Your mentor can be very instrumental in engineering the kind of deals, large enough to generate the kind of income for the making of your first project.  Your mentor should be a producer, meaning (a very creative person with money).  He/she will show you how to earn money, it may require some sacrifice, that may take you out of your comfort zone, but once you’ve earned the money it is yours.  You will then be in the driver’s seat to steer your own project debt free.

We will follow this up later in Stars In Paradise magazine to give you the tools you would need to attract such a person. There are many within the Bahamas cinema culture, the key is knowing what to do and what to say and most of all how to conduct your  affairs to gain their confidence. -

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Entering the Bahamas Film Industry as a writer.

                      Writing your first screenplay.

Go simple, learn fast. The tricks and the trade of successful Bahamian movie industry writers.


If you missed the opportunity to train at the Megavision Kingdom, there may still be hope for you. Stars In Paradise would like to share a few tips to get you started.

Pick a subject you know well. If you don’t know how to write, then that’s okay, you can just start writing your first draft the way you write, to get the story out of your head and onto paper, but it’s a good idea to take some writing classes so you can learn the standard format, so your script will make sense to others in the industry. The important thing is just to get started and push hard to a finish. -