Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What's your place in the Bahamas new number one industry?

What's your place in the Bahamas movie industry?

Stars In Paradise would like to know.

In 1994, Stars In Paradise magazine made its local debut among the extensive press corp. that covered the courageous launch of Megavision Pictures series of opening events, under the creative direction of Jefford Curre'. This historical moment was the highlight of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce week and provided a portal to the next step in the Bahamas' economic development.

Since that small beginning, Stars In Paradise has grown steadily with the Bahamas Film Industry and has become the most trusted source for Bahamas cinema trade information. Stars In Paradise is the Bahamas’official film industry magazine. Count on us to be there, highlighting the people on the cutting edge of the Bahamas Film Industry.

This is the international premiere of "Stars In Paradise" We look forward to learning about your premieres, festival updates, reviews and deep probing interviews. Let us be the first to know about your movie making plans, progress and success. We at Stars In Paradise magazine understand your need to focus on the positive. We are committed to the Bahamas' movie makers with a global perspective, and our commitment extends equally to manufacturers and educators, who are looking for opportunities to expand their market. That’s why Stars In Paradise magazine is the first choice of Hollywood’s film executives.

With strong industry circulation and a reputation for building superstars, no magazine is better positioned to make a stronger impression on your target market. It is little wonder why Stars In Paradise magazine is the Bahamas’ leading film industry publication.

Jefford Curre' salutes Bert Williams on the 20th anniversary of the Bahamas Film Industry

Jefford Curre' salutes Bert Williams, an outstanding Bahamian Actor/Comedian
in the "American Film Industry", during the Vaudeville era.

 celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Bahamas Film Industry continues with a well planned line up of spectacular events. For daily updates keep up with

Monday, December 1, 2014

Filmmaking tips from the Bahamas Film Industry

Making your film a reality

If money is no object and you are well established you can make any kind of movie on any subject matter and you can do it on any continent.
if you are just starting out, the best way to make your film a reality without spending a lot of money is to:
1. Base it around the things that you already have.
2.The environment you are in
3.The people around you.
For example, don’t try writing a screenplay that has to take place aboard a speeding yacht, unless you own one or can afford to rent or buy one. If you don’t even know a friend who owns one, the film will never happen.
First, visualize your movie inside your head, shot by shot, cut by cut. Draw out those shots on a storyboard. Next, you’ll need equipment, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a camera. Just ask a friend or someone you know that has a camera, to borrow their own. Some film schools and civic organizations offer year round training that includes equipment. Finally, there’s post-production. When you have finished shooting your movie, you need to find a good processor to develop your film. Sometimes they give discount rates to students or low – budget productions. Lastly, you will need to edit. After it’s changed to video format you can use a video editing system like: Final cut pro or Avid to do your editing.-

Bahamas Film Industry could have a bestseller on the way.

Jefford Curre'
book release Nov 28th

Its an epic memoir on the Bahamas leading man of action.

Bahamas Film Industry tells incredible but well documented story.

Jefford Curre' stands tall

like a real life action hero. 

Forging a high level of 

sophistication and style, as he 

empowers the strategic advancement of

the Bahamas Film Industry.

He continues to inspire an army of
Bahamian filmmakers with boldness
and creative innovation, but very little is known about the jet-setting indigenous power broker.
Well that's all about to change as
the Bahamas leading man of action
has finally inked the release agreement for the full disclosure version of his epic memoir.

It has been six years and five rejected versions of the book's manuscript before reaching a settlement with his Comasuki partners. The main issue that led to the delay was due to the fact that
Curre' is a Bahamian, a peculiar
bunch, that strives on privacy and
takes no pleasure in revealing personal,
or even worst steamy details.

There's a good chance you might be
tempted to change almost everything
you thought you knew about
this elusive man of action.
"Jefford Curre" book release
November 28, 2014.

Hot chicks and tough guys are flocking the curse-free, drug free Bahamas movie set

The Bahamas film industry has evolved as a royal culture of fun, frolic and discipline while making millions and attracting only the best from around the world.
Have you ever felt the urge to just drop everything and start living the life you know you were born to live? Well you are not alone and it may well be a clear sign that you may be forcing yourself to operate out of your element. It may simply not be your calling. Are you an entrepreneur, student, writer or career changing professional? Are you seriously looking for an opportunity to lighten up, reduce the mundane stress factor and have more fun while making a living? THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Keep it simple, fulfilling and profitable. If you are not in the mood for smoking, cursing, drinking, doing drugs and you don’t mind training with some of the hottest chicks and the coolest guys on the planet, we invite you to send in your resume or an introductory letter. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing. If you are ready to make a change, we would love to hear from you. There is a catch, you must be open for training or flexible enough to be re-trained into our success proven way of box-office career development. -

Bahamas first movie, big budget remake. The global impact of the Bahamian film market.

Who will make the cast of the big budget remake of the Bahamas first movie, "Paradise Intrigue''?

Before entering the movie business Jefford Curre' held what was considered to be perhaps the world's most dangerous job. For five tumultuous years he lived committed under "Bond style" conditions working the outer limits of the Bahamas as an English trained direct entry specialist, attached to the Royal Bahamas Defense Force. He Operated beyond the call of duty while managing multi-million dollar temptations in an environment that attracted some of the world's most beautiful women and deadliest of real life villains. In five and a half years Jefford Curre' racked up 37 successful highly classified missions to his credit. Trading on his reputation as a well liked no nonsense professional in the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, he successfully made an unconventional transition that enabled him to engineer the start of the Bahamas Film Industry. With the help of visionary resort operators, he established the Paradise Island base Megavision Pictures Ltd. (Bahamas first movie company) and kick-started the launch of the Bahamas first movie "Paradise Intrigue". As Megavision Pictures reloads for the much talked about big budget remake of "Paradise Intrigue", the original indigenous feature has made its way among the most creative classics of all time. In a world over run by sophisticated money launderers, murderous drug criminals and disgruntle weapons experts, Jefford's "Bond style" image takes an unconventional twist as he leads a crusade of courage, respect and rugged professionalism to save a peaceful playground from total destruction.

As "Paradise Intrigue" repositions itself for a global release, there may very well be a major change in characters, above and below the board. Critics express that new faces into the big budget game plan could add to the already excellent marketing edge the film has over its competition. The greatest concern is to plan against fallout in its indigenous interpretation or cultural value. It's the making of this Bahamas flagship movie, or perhaps the principles of the story itself that gives this project a rare distinction. You must understand the whole story or see the bigger picture of the obstacles that had to be overcome in order to make this project a reality. It's only then that you'll understand why Jefford Curre' is called the Bahamas leading man of action. Most important, you'll realize why he is such a huge inspiration to so many around the world who struggle to make impossible dreams come true.