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Bahamas Film Industry MOVIE MAKING TIP #10 By Cinematographer Danielle Curré

TIP #10 By Danielle Curre' Cinematographer

Increase the commercial value of your casual shots by 34%. All you have to do is turn your camera phone sideways before shooting. Reason being, content buying decision makers, as well as millions of viewers, prefer looking at a wide angle picture that fills the screen with no big black bars on the side. 

Bahamas first movie, big budget remake. The global impact of the Bahamian film market.

Who will make the cast of the big budget remake of the Bahamas first movie, "Paradise Intrigue''?

Before entering the movie business Jefford Curre' held what was considered to be perhaps the world's most dangerous job. For five tumultuous years, he lived committed under "Bond style" conditions working the outer limits of the Bahamas as an English-trained direct entry specialist, attached to the Royal Bahamas Defense Force. He Operated beyond the call of duty while managing multi-million dollar temptations in an environment that attracted some of the world's most beautiful women and deadliest of real life villains. In five and a half years Jefford Curre' racked up 37 successful highly classified missions to his credit. Trading on his reputation as a well-liked no-nonsense professional in the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, he successfully made an unconventional transition that enabled him to engineer the start of the Bahamas Film Industry. With the help of visionary resort operators, he established the Paradise Island base Megavision Pictures Ltd. (Bahamas first movie company) and kick-started the launch of the Bahamas first movie "Paradise Intrigue". As Megavision Pictures reloads for the much talked about big budget remake of "Paradise Intrigue", the original indigenous feature has made its way among the most creative classics of all time. In a world overrun by sophisticated money launderers, murderous drug criminals and disgruntle weapons experts, Jefford's "Bond style" image takes an unconventional twist as he leads a crusade of courage, respect and rugged professionalism to save a peaceful playground from total destruction.

As "Paradise Intrigue" repositions itself for a global release, there may very well be a major change in characters, above and below the board. Critics express that new faces into the big budget game plan could add to the already excellent marketing edge the film has over its competition. The greatest concern is to plan against fallout in its indigenous interpretation or cultural value. It's the making of this Bahamas flagship movie, or perhaps the principles of the story itself that gives this project a rare distinction. You must understand the whole story or see the bigger picture of the obstacles that had to be overcome in order to make this project a reality. It's only then that you'll understand why Jefford Curre' is called the Bahamas leading man of action. Most important, you'll realize why he is such a huge inspiration to so many around the world who struggle to make impossible dreams come true.

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It is highly focused and dedicated to keeping its readers up-dated on the latest developments as it relates to movie premiers, film festivals, productions, employment, internship, training, and investment opportunities in the Bahamas Film Industry.

24 new Bahamas film industry movies in line for distribution by Megavision Pictures.

The action kicks off

with the global release of JEFFORD CURRE'


The story follows a top secret government agent who finds himself at the center of a global crisis. He's a high target for underground recruitment, and the top priority of an international manhunt. It’s a race against time and against all odds, as the Bahamas’ leading man of action battles to save the peaceful playground from total destruction.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bahamas Film Industry MOVIE MAKING TIP #10 By Cinematographer Danielle Curré

TIP #10 By Danielle Curre' Cinematographer

Increase the commercial value of your casual shots by 34%. All you have to do is turn your camera phone sideways before shooting. Reason being, content buying decision makers, as well as millions of viewers prefer looking at a wide angle picture that fills the screen with no big black bars on the side. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Bahamas Film Industry report - “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor” off to a great start.

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Off to a great start.

For many it rivaled the anticipation and excitement of the New Year's Eve countdown while raising the bar on respect, kindness and honor.

This New Year's Eve marked another important milestone in the history of honor and entertainment. For some, it might have been just another year-end, but for many it was a double thriller. The anticipation of the announcement of the winners of the “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor” rivaled the excitement of the New Year's Eve countdown. It was the official introduction of a new and exciting accolade named after Jefford Curre'. Jefford Curre' is the inventor of the Bahamas Film Industry and the box-office entrepreneur who financially engineered the rise of the Bahamian indigenous movie-making movement (

What is it that sets the “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor apart from every other award?

It is not given down, it's given up.” Jefford explains. “Everyone the committee nominated is much better than I am in the category that they were nominated for. It's equally important to note that while I do admire their work, I do not fall under their leadership. However, many lives have been touched by the tireless work of each and every nominee. I don't know of any award you can receive without having a particular social tie-in, political affiliation, military club membership or religious grouping. We felt there was a gap and the time was right to change the motivation for accolade giving. It seems only fair and makes complete common sense. Why can't we just give honor simply because honor is due?''
The launch of the “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor took one year in planning. It was impressively executed by a social media team of goal sharing volunteers and friends of the Curre' family. The entire team spent a fun filled New Year's Eve weekend hanging out with Jefford at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Without a hitch, the “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor” got off to a great start, announcing its first round of winners exactly as the clock struck twelve.
Terrance Rodgers  created the biggest upset of the night as he took a commanding lead in votes, winning the top spot in the category of Entertainment Science. It was a category that many thought could have easily been dominated by the iconic, crowd- pleasing Lincs Scavella or the communication master, Ossie Andros. Sneaky film industry pioneer William Butler took the win in the category of Box-Office Innovation, closely followed by the gorgeous Swedish filmmaker, Anna Essling and Lincs Scavella. Terrance Rogers however took a pounding in the category of Kindness and Philanthropy up against the good deed gladiator Pema Dorjee, who took the winning accolade, sending Cristian S. Aluas running for cover. Christian S. Aluas rebounded with incredible resilience to forge an amazing and impressive win at the top of the ''Performance Art'' category. He barely edged out the forever controversial Ossie Andros who was closely trailed by Anna Essling in the final countdown. All results are now official.
Bringing to the forefront,  leaders  committed fulltime to the sharing of their special gifts, to make  the world a better place. 
The Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor has opened the portal to a new world of opportunities in entertainment, arts, science and philanthropy. It was originally planned as a simple goodwill gesture,” says Jefford, “But somehow it got blown completely out of proportion. Judging from the overflow of positive feedback, the next event could quadruple in scale. There are special people among us who have made a major difference in the lives of so many. They have made a decision to commit full time to the sharing of their leadership abilities and special gifts, in order to make the world a better place. Most of us simply go on without even realizing how much their contributions have impacted what we may now take for granted. The Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor is out to raise the bar on Respect, Kindness and Honor.”

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Jefford Curré ASIAN FAMILY CONNECTION - Bahamas Film Industry NEWS Report.

MOVIE - In a quiet, friendly late-night maneuver, with no Kung-Fu fighting, the highly respectful Jefford Curré became the proud owner of the Asian Movie Network.

"Dreams come to pass with much business and painful effort."

In 1991 Jefford Curré applied for a business license to do something that was never done in the Bahamas. He kicked started a new industry with the set up of Megavision Pictures in the Guanahani Village Resort. There was a sign on the wall that clearly read “Megavision Pictures”. At that time there was no such thing as a Bahamian movie company.  Believe it or not, at that time it actually against the law to form or operate any kind of media/movie distribution operation. He had no idea this situation existed. How did Jefford Curré overcome this unfair dilemma that made its way into the progressive fiber of the nation that he had once put his life on the line to protect? The unbelievable story of how he changed the game is now revealed for the first time in his new bestselling episode  "JEFFORD CURRÉ CIVILIAN ENGAGEMENT" 

It was the early Megavision Pictures crowd-pleasing hits like "Mystery of the Granny Tales" and "Paradise Intrigue" that established Jefford Curré beyond contest, as a visionary leader that was bringing a new number one industry well into credible focus. During the opening week of the Bahamas first movie companyJefford Curré did a Megavision Pictures launch press interview.  It went live from the Town Center Mall. He along with his movie stunt team had just thrilled thousands of kids with a spectacular live televised fight scene to promote the ”Paradise Intrigue” action movie.  A reporter asked him what does it feel like to be the first in so many aspects of the new Bahamas cinema industry. Curré replied, “It’s not so important to be the first, as it is to be the best at what you do. I may be the only one now, but if I do this  right, six months from now there should be six more like it.” Today Jefford Curré remains the Bahamas' most bankable superstar and his uniqueness has positioned him in a class all by himself, with no real competition. Today an army of inspired followers are holding their own in the rapidly expanding global platform of the Bahamas Movie Industry. 

In 1994 the young box-office entrepreneur incorporated Megavision Pictures Limited and moved his base onto Paradise Island.   As one Hollywood executive puts it “It was Jefford Curré who invented the blaze of  the Bahamas Film Industry, everyone else was simply inspired by the light of his burning flame and just kept on fanning.” 

The Asian Movie Network development has been in the making for quite some time. The Bahamas leading man of action remains humble in his most ambitious undertaking since his invention of the Bahamas Film Industry and the financial engineering of the indigenous movie-making movement.   He was surprised by the speed at which his popularity had increased in the global marketplace. He was equally stunned to learn that the wonderful people of the Chinese community had respectfully positioned him to impact controlling interest in more than seventy Chinese movie-related operations. This was unthinkable in earlier times, but the world is changing and truly becoming more at one in the importance of family values. The international jet-setting superstar is no stranger to high-level achievements, respect, or recognition. In 2010 the Wall Street Journal discovered the box-office genius and included him in a pick of only 7 individuals, that were selected from a network of more than 800 business professionals. The featured article, “The Networking Game” at:, brought to the attention of the world, a cool innovative power player, committed to the advancement of civilization with a much bigger plan.  It is a plan that has positioned numerous trade organizations, entrepreneurs, and start-ups for maximum success in the new 21st-century economy. 
Jefford Curré remains at the forefront, leading a new world of box-office excitement.