Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jefford Curre's pioneering start of the Bahamas Movie Industry continues inspire filmmakers everywhere.

Why is Jefford Curre’s “Paradise Intrigue” the most anticipated, if not the most important movie of the Bahamas new number one industry?

Before the making of “Paradise Intrigue”, the elusive Jefford Curre’ was the Bahamas’ best kept secret, now the whole world is on to them. Like a “Bond style” bounty hunter, running real life intervention missions for the Bahamas government, Jefford Curre’ lived a rather dangerous life. As an English trained specialist, attached to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, he spent more than 5-1/2 years at the center of non-stop classified action, (don’t bother looking up government files, on an official level he never really existed). However, our research interviews among the command infrastructure, clearly confirmed his presence on the scene. Jefford Curre,’ apparently possessed unique leadership skills while operating at the forefront of what is perhaps one of the world’s most dangerous jobs.

Was it business wizardry, visionary faith or just plain luck that prompted the invention of the Bahamas Movie Industry? These are some of the challenging questions that a team of indigenous researchers are attempting to answer, in the new Jefford Curre’ documentary, by Anafu Pictures. In 1990, after completing his first international tour, Jefford Curre’ was inspired toward a new assignment of a higher order. Wasting no time,he began putting into place the fuel that would enable him to start a fire. A fire that soon became a forest blaze of vision, which progressed into the Bahamas' new number one industry. In 1991 he established Megavision Pictures,(the Bahamas first movie company)in Guanahani Village on Cable Beach, Bahamas. With a small team of dedicated specialists, (development unit 1) his first order of business was to conduct feasibility studies. After overcoming huge pioneering obstacles, he completed development research, with sufficient data to justify the mission toward the creation of a new industry for the Bahamas.

By the Spring of 1994, with savvy negotiations and the assistance of visionary resort operators, the young pioneering entrepreneur moved his office onto Paradise Island and incorporated Megavision Pictures Ltd. Within the first three months he attracted over $27,000,000 in investment interest; along with several dozen projects and film industry related companies, developing under the company’s umbrella. This sparked the official launch of the Bahamas Movie Industry. The indigenous event highlighted that year’s Chamber of Commerce Week, as he officially kicked-off the launch of “PARADISE INTRIGUE” (the Bahamas first movie). It was a summer one could never forget. It was the biggest movie buzz anyone had ever seen on the local scene. Jefford Curre’s Paradise Island, condo took on the atmosphere of a busy Grand Central terminal, an endless stampede of wannabe movie makers, as well as professionals, seeking career change, all aligned themselves to be an important part of the nation’s history. It created (production unit 2) which compromised of almost 4,000 individuals. Many flew in from destinations as far as Europe, Asia, United States, South America and Canada.
Story continues in Stars In Paradise Magazine:

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