Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bahamas movie industry. A worldwide thing.

The expansion of Megavision Pictures and the rise of the Bahamas film industry.

Megavision Pictures has succeeded in improving the entry level protocol for box-office entrepreneurs. They have successfully engineered a level playing field that has positioned them to capitalize on the acquisition of key game changing infrastructures. With an open door invitation to more than 48 countries, Megavision Pictures industry power players could aggressively lead private sector funding of programs and initiatives that works well with local government, and the growing needs of box-office entrepreneurs.

Out of 86 proposals received over the past 24 months, only 20 have reached a point of consideration. Even fewer will make it to the finish line. All proposals are vigorously discussed and debated by Megavision Pictures review division. The grinding principle in their decision making process is to determine a core champion excellence that the company can support in the individual, as they explore the highest commercial potential within the submitted

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