Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beyond festivals, Film Financing In the Bahamas Film Industry

Continuing the conversation on "Positioning Yourself For Money" from January 30th 2013. Focusing on the importance of trust and mentor-ship in the Bahamas movie and television industry.

Now lets continue on. Covenant partners mentor-ship is an ancient bonding technique used to guarantee generation success. It’s more like an insurance program bonded by spiritual connection or a sincerely deep level of commitment. It has been said that to enter and pull out of such a bond, brings a curse on the life of the faint-hearted, and to stay faithful to the covenant, brings enormous prosperity. Well that is what they say, but each of us in the entertainment business can decide whether to believe it or not.

Stars In Paradise would like to point out that studio executives are approached every day and at any given time, by highly qualified people, with a variety of propositions and proposals. Being highly qualified sometimes has its drawbacks, especially when the executives are in the market for teachable individuals who can execute new innovations. Being qualified and set in the ways of previous training sometimes don't fit the demands. This is because qualification usually comes with an attitude that says "I know what to do, let me do this thing better, give me the job and back off until pay day". Sometimes it is quite true that the individual may have a lot to offer, but if your attitude lacks humility and show clear signs that you are not teachable when it comes to another way of achieving the same thing, you won’t get in.

There is very little an individual can do to change qualifications earned over long years of study and hard work, but there is a lot one can do to change an attitude that’s slowing them down. First, you must put yourself in the other person’s shoe. If an individual has built an interesting empire, they have done it by doing things a certain way. It has worked for them and has helped them progress consistently. Asking them to adapt to your way, which is yet to be proven beneficial is be continued... -

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