Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jefford Curre' and the birth of the Bahamas movie industry

How It All Began

The call of an ingenious visionary to lead the forefront of a new era in cinema history, now known as the Bahamas movie industry.

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away called the Bahamas, there lived a little boy named Jefford Curre’. One day while out to the shopping center with his mother, he was intrigued by how much fun the little people were having inside the store T V set.Without hesitation he made his way to the back of the TV, to see if he could get inside.As he inquired about the little people, his mother explained that they were movie stars.His family was a part of a strict religious order and she wasted no time expounding that movie stars don’t go to Heaven.Missing out on a little milk and honey did not exactly concern Jefford, because the family’s refrigerator always had a great supply of milk.However, when his mother elaborated about the hell fire and brimstone, it almost scared the living day lights out of him. Jefford’s desire to be in the movies never left, but all desire to qualify himself as a movie star was no longer a burning issue.In his child like mind, he devised the perfect plan.He won’t be a movie star, he would just be a guy in the movies, pretending to be a movie star.Later on, as time went by, his parents had modernized their views on the world of movie making.

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