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101 directing tips for filmmakers - Bahamas film industry.

5 directing tips for award winning moviemakers - Bahamas film industry.

ironic that Jefford Curre’ has emerged as one of, if not the most
influential figures in the Bahamas film industry.  Considering the facts
that before he began his first series of movie production training
trips into the USA as an adult, he had never even stepped foot inside a
movie theater. Of cause there are movie theaters in the Bahamas but that
had nothing to do with Jefford's development toward his destiny. He was
a shy boy who grew up under monk style conditions in a strict Christian
home, and was not even allowed to venture outside the boundaries of his
back yard.  His friends, however, were allowed to come in to play and
sometimes needed to borrow money.  Jefford never spent his allowance,
except for occasionally buying gifts for his mother.  He kept a loaded
piggy bank from which he made small loans to his friends, but there was
one problem, he seldom got paid back.  To solve the escalating problem,
the thrifty 10 year old negotiated what could be considered his first
pay-per-view distribution deal that was a sure win-win.  For on quarter,
his friends, who were allowed to attend the movies, would gladly
re-enact the entire movie that they had seen.  For an extra ten cents,
they would even add music and sound effects with their mouth, leaving
the rest to Jefford’s imagination. 

cinema that took place in the sand pile went great until one day, while
the boys were climbing the wall to demonstrate an ambush scene. 
Suddenly the newly built, fresh cemented walls started to shake,  too
many boys were on the wall.  He tried to warn them, but things got out
of control.   After a leap, the entire top section of the wall came
tumbling down.  Everyone ran out of the yard as fast as they could. 
With the help of two friends, Jefford put the wall together piece by
piece, using mud to cover the cracks.  It was a great  prop work, but
did not survive the slamming of the gate that evening when his father

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