Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why the Bahamas Film Industry has no real competition.

As the Curre' family (Bahamas First Family of Cinema) brace themselves to spearhead a major charity project, we could not help noticing that their influence of a cool lifestyle is spreading like wild fire.

Marks of a great film industry leader, is that sooner or later two things will happen. 
 1. You will reach double digits in everything you do. 
2. You will breed followers, many who will unfortunately come in the form of wannabe competition. As bad as that may sound it is not necessarily a problem.  In fact you should expect it. Competition will make things better if you understand the fine art of strategic leadership in the film marketplace.

Jefford Curre' has done an amazing job at using the leadership technology to keep the Bahamas Film Industry power under the control of the indigenous people. At the same time he has positioned the indigenous gateway to positively impact the world. Direct from this year's Box-Office Superstar Summit, the Curre' family, Bahamas first family of cinema will share tips that will prepare you for competition and make your family movie operation unstoppable.
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