Sunday, October 29, 2017

Positioning yourself for movie money in the Bahamas Film Industry

 Whether you’re an international money launderer posing as a banker, or a relative of pirates who went legit at the turn of the century, you already know about the buried treasure that still lies yet undiscovered in, the Bahamas. Treasure chest was uncovered in 1994 when Jefford Curre' invented the Bahamas Film Industry.

Countless sad stories of weak filmmakers who regrettably sold their integrity and allowed themselves to be manipulated by people just to get some money.

The in-house training division of Megavision Pictures runs a very interesting program that teaches filmmakers, not only how to make films, but more importantly, how to attract money without losing their own identity. If the filmmaker loses identity and integrity, he has nothing different to offer his starving audience. When this happens he is no longer unique and his days are numbered.

Filmmakers, practically, in the newly emerging global Bahamas film market, might find it not a bad idea to establish their position before forming close working relationships with foreign entities. In other words, you must establish a structure that identifies you and demonstrates internal accountability. This is important for some very good reasons.

Make no mistake about it, whoever you ask for money will proposition you with a list of conditions. The key is to find the company that echoes the sentiments that you stand for. For example, if your films or film festival is about spreading democracy, don’t expect the grant organization that believes in dictatorship to fund you. You will have to change your mind about the governing process and demonstrate that change vividly before you can get the money. 

How many times have you seen filmmakers or film festival operators start out with good intentions about producing movies that encourage good will among all mankind. Often we realize after a year or so, their press release starts selling them as an extremist in either race, creed, color or religion. This happens because real structure and accountability was missing at the beginning. There was no clear mission of conviction.

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