Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jefford Curre' breaks silence on the close encounter, during the deadliest massacre in USA history.


As pandemonium set in among the Las Vegas resort community, Jefford Curre’ reminisced on his childhood,  as he spoke with Stars In Paradise magazine.    “I could not help thinking that if I was still an active member of a Pentecostal church in the Bahamas, I would still be in one of those long services at the time of the tragedy.   It was our last Las Vegas week stopover for the Fall season and it just so happened to fall on October 1st.   I talked to a few relatives and friends that week on the phone, but did not want to create unnecessary concern.  I thought it would be a better idea to wait until things subsided in the media before sharing any details.’’

 Just one month earlier Jefford Curre’ touchdown to rock Vegas as a guest of the Steve Forbes Seventieth Birthday Anniversary Celebration. This time he had returned for, believe it or not - quiet time. The Bahamas leading man of action passed on all complimentary invites and opted for a private residence.   He used the quiet time to concentrate on completing an updated draft for his new book episode “Jefford Curre’ Civilian Engagement’’, which is set for release exclusively on Amazon this Thanksgiving. To this point everything had gone right on schedule. RiQashan, a younger member of the entourage, had made the line-up as a Brand Ambassador for the Route 91 Country Music Festival. Then a mysterious wave of events started to unfold.
Within hours the busy Las Vegas Strip became as barren as a ghost town.  

Earlier that day there was a state of confusion, concerning the schedule of RiQashan’s Brand Ambassador contract.  Even with the best connections, politicking and negotiating, a degree of uncertainty remained surrounding her assignment.  “I was in the middle of my final draft when Danielle burst through the door and informed us that a round of machine gun fire had just rained from an elevated window of the Mandalay Bay Resort.  My adrenaline kicked in and everyone naturally went into high alert.   The first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Where is RiQashan’. Later that evening we got the sobering news.   If everything had gone according to plans, she would have been directly in the line of fire of the biggest massacre in USA history.”

It was a moment of truth for the globetrotting Curre’ family.  Her contract covered a five day promotional event appearance at the Mandalay Bay Resort, but no appearance was required at the festival  the evening of October 1st.   Highly disappointed, she headed back from the Mandalay Bay Resort, and went directly to bed.   An hour later all hell broke lose on the exact location of where she would have been assigned. The local police did an excellent job in a sweep of the area, as rumors of a possible second shooter was beginning to set in along the Las Vegas Strip.  Early the following morning everyone was given an option to show or not show up to complete the Brand Ambassador project that was to continue inside the Mandalay  Bay Resort.

RiQashan Curre’ has an unusual ability to remain in high spirits, even through some of the most trying times. That could be due to the fact that she uses her faith as a means to overcome, by relying on a power greater than herself.  On the other hand, it could be due to the fact that she was literally born on a Walt Disney location. In an early morning interview with Stars In Paradise magazine RiQashan told reporters that she felt it was important to the Curre’ family’s code of honor, to fulfill the contractual obligation and not leave the promoters hanging in a mess, just because of one mad man. After a critical assessment, it was decided that Jefford, along with an upscale security deployment would accompany RiQashan back to the Mandalay Bay Resort to fulfill the last two days of the contractual obligations. The Bahamas leading man of action spent the day doing his best to comfort broken people around Las Vegas. Some called it pure luck, others say it was divine intervention. Regardless of what label you place on this series of mysterious events, one thing has been brought to the forefront of everyone, plans for tomorrow are only plans.  For Jefford Curre’ and the Bahamas First Family of Cinema, it means putting off nothing for tomorrow and being thankful for even the storms and detours along the way.
Remaining positive, the Curre’ family continues to celebrate as though the world will never end.        

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