Sunday, December 31, 2017

JEFFORD CURRE' MISSION One ACCOMPLISHED. The rise of the Bahamas Film Industry. Plus ''JEFFORD CURRE' DISTINGUISH MEDAL OF HONOR - Bahamas Film Industry Report

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It continues to be an incredible season of succes for Jefford Curre’, the box-office entrepreneur, who first rose to fame in 1994.  Against incredible odds, he kick-started the Bahamas Film Industry and strategically engineered the rise of the Bahamas indigenous movie-making movement. The Bahamas leading man of action, continues to empower and inspire an army of cinematic followers.  He has successfully impacted change in the economic focus of a nation that was once trapped in the success of a volatile tourist trade. Jefford Curre’ is considered among the most trusted and brilliant minds in the new world of box-office excitement.  This year is a declaration of “mission accomplished," on the rise of the Bahamas Movie Industry. He moves to the forefront of new and exciting challenges ahead, as global demand for the Jefford Curre’ brand soars.

"Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal of Honor” is intended to inspire, honor and promote self-respect, self-sufficiency and good manners.  The popular cinematic trendsetter believes it’s important for everyone to be honorable in order to minimize unnecessary conflict.   He is convinced that this is achieved by not imposing your views on others, unless they request  an interest in learning more about you. The Curre’ family lives a 21st century modern culture lifestyle, that’s not afraid to be free from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and cuss words. The Bahamas First Family of Cinema, emerged from a world of challenges and imperfections, that had to be conquered with the spirit of innovation.  For them, cool living is a natural act of self-respect, personal discipline and economic progress.

Building on a family legacy in entrepreneur philanthropy, Jefford Curre’ is no stranger to how important it is to promote honor and respect, parallel with box-office innovation. It is something often not taught in conventional film industry schools.  However, it is the most important ingredient for fast growth and sustainable success, in the new world of box-office excitement.  It may be arguable as to whether or not honor will hold as a mainstream entertainment trend.  Box-office entrepreneurs, however, have mastered the ancient principle alongside their amazing artistic talents.  It has enabled many to overcome unsurmountable obstacles and improve the quality of life in work, play, business and relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man, woman, boy or girl, everyone is now coming to grips with the importance of self-respect and honor. People seem to be no longer willing to live by opinions that don’t fit the bill in reality. For those that are addicted to playing by the established bad rules, the Curre’ family could easily pass off as weird, or even dysfunctional. They do their own critical thinking in every situation and have often been accused of respectfully not even trying to be like the rest.  “Despite whatever comes against you, there is a defense,” said Jefford.  “When two or three people commit to overcome evil with good, anything is possible. Every family has a superpower, a thing that gives them a unique advantage in helping others. Our special power has always been vision and discernment.  Looking ahead, we saw a box-office cultural revolution on the rise. A new era, where success at the box-office will have more to do with honor and respect, as opposed to talent, beauty or connection.  We felt a need to be on the cutting edge of this important transition, in the entertainment industry.”

The Curre’ Family spent the past few years on tour, researching the establishment of the Jefford Curre’ Foundation. It could be a clear indication that they may seriously be broadening their interest and considering much welcome diplomatic invites. This may be essential, in order to expand their philanthropic scope and assist in the development, or add to the advancement of box-office entrepreneurs and film industries worldwide.

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