Sunday, January 21, 2018

History of the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update 
invites you to participate in the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update.

 What is the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update?

The Bahamas Film Industry timeline update is an online information gathering process. It is open to the public to provide documented information on the accomplishments of Bahamians who rose to fame as a pioneer in the Bahamas Film Industry or as a contributor to the American Film Industry.
Many Bahamian pioneers in the film industry have been lost in time, others overlooked by the establishments of the past or simply had their importance ignored because of race, color, religious belief, social status, political affiliation, sexual view point or life management philosophy. As a result many are missing from the pages of conventional records.  In continued celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Bahamas Film Industry, we are launching into the future by honoring the accomplishments of those that came before us, as well as the unsung heroes still among us.

If you know anyone who qualifies to be honored in the new official update of the Bahamas Film Industry timeline 
now in progress,  please recommend them by providing us with a brief documented account of their story in the comment section of

Guide lines for participation in the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update.

    1.    Properly identify yourself with your contact, first and last name, email as well as a telephone
         number in the event we need to follow up.

    2.   Your recommendation comments should be no more than seventy-five words or less.

    3.  Enter your recommendation comments with the headline that reads, example:  “Recommending
         John Doe” followed by documented  information in the comment box at the bottom of , (files will be stored for review by the Bahamas Film Industry timeline
         committee for timeline placement consideration).

Statement of integrity and governance of the Bahamas Film Industry timeline update is the official data entry point authorized to receive documented recommendations of Bahamians to be considered for inclusion in the  Bahamas Film Industry timeline update. is not a platform for launching complaints, protest, personal attacks or engaging in chat fights or discussions. The platform is not designed to respond to inquiries. reserves the right to not process or discontinue processing of timeline posting at its discretion and for any reason, with or without prior notice.  Being posted in the timeline is considered a well earned honorable privilege, not a right that’s enforceable.  We invite the participation of everyone, as each entry will be received with respectful consideration and process without prejudice and at the highest level of professionalism. Thank you for your participation.

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