Saturday, September 5, 2015

First round of development deals for movie-makers will be announced at Bahamas Film industry press conference.

How did JEFFORD CURRE'  Paradise Intrigue
benefit from Megavision Pictures development start-up deal?

While most artists require a major PR campaign and millions of dollars each year to keep their career alive, for some strange reason, it seems that  Jefford Curre’  is getting away with a whole lot less.  According to a Megavision Pictures filed report issued in 2004, he’s not really getting away at all.  He has paid his dues in personal sacrifices beyond your wildest dreams, and has clearly earned a right to succeed without compromise or apology.  In the beginning Megavision Pictures spent an insane amount of money establishing his "key man" position.  Apparently, they had little or no doubts about his ability to make it this far. 

Today, he’s riding mostly on momentum, as the Bahamas indigenous movie industry approaches a whole new exciting phase.  Jefford Curre’ is considered by many to be one of, if not  the most influential figure in the game.   The achievements of his near impossible missions have established him as a serious force to  be reckoned  with.  But according to those that make up the core of his entourage,  Jefford Curre’ is far from serious.  He’s responsible, yes, but definitely not serious.

Coming in Stars In Paradise magazine will have the first run  exclusive access behind the scene and into the jet-setting lifestyle of  the Bahamas leading man of action. It will be his first interview since  the Wall Street Journal featured him in the article ''The Networking  Game''. Keep up with Stars In Paradise  daily, it's about to get hot.

Oh, we almost forgot Megavision Pictures has announced the projects that  has made it into its first round of development for 2013. Stars In  Paradise will be giving you the update daily as it unfold.

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