Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jefford', at the forefront, in command and setting new challenges for the Bahamas movie industry.

Jefford Curre' the Bahamas leading man of action is taking no prisoners. He's closing multi-million dollar deals, that's taking the Bahamas movie industry to the next level.

Happy in his role as an extremely successful artist, Jefford Curre’ is trying his best not to be an activist or a motivator of any kind. However, his uncontestable lead role in the pioneering of the Bahamas Film Industry, makes this very difficult. His pioneering actions, are constantly celebrated as one of the most admired, when it comes to visionary community leadership. Community leaders around the globe have made “The Jefford Curre’ Story” a part of their most reliable studies for motivating people to work against the odds. “It was an awakening”, said one clergyman, comparing Jefford Curre’ to a young Moses, calling him a leader sent by God to lead his people into a new world of box-office excitement. “His bold act”, continued the charismatic clergyman, “Instantly shifted the focus of a people, mentally trapped, in the success of the tourist trade. It sparked a journey toward a brand new number one industry. An industry that would be well within the control of the people of the Bahamas.”

A former Paradise Intrigue production member, who now works as an executive in a highly classified department of government, expressed his concerns for artistic integrity within the Bahamas new number one industry. In an off camera interview he indicated that the rapid rise of newcomers and the elusive high security profile of Jefford Curre’, could by some degree leave room for confusion. There are still a few who may be ignorant of the natural history of the Bahamas indigenous film industry or the Bahamas’ first movie, “Paradise Intrigue”. “For what it is worth, it appears that Jefford Curre’s indigenous pioneering position, is one of the most sought after in the entire industry. It seems that almost every new comer takes the opportunity to enjoy at least 15 minutes of fame, being mistaken as the one that started it all. It’s almost bordering on comedy. We have seen campaign after campaign fall flat on its face. Even with the most expensive well planned attempts, it has proven to be an extremely difficult historical position to steal. I believe there are very good reasons for this. Jefford Curre’ is not only a hard act to follow, his achievements are documented well ahead of the crowd. There is no way to over look, erase or pretend they never took place".

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