Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bahamas film industry. A 20th anniversary milestone in movie making


Thanks to Jefford Curre', Megavision Pictures and a film friendly government, the Bahamas is fast becoming a vibrant metropolis for a new breed of jet-setting moviemakers.

Recent surveys have indicated that the overwhelming influx of modern day fortune seekers, could care less for pirate treasures or the beauty of the location. They are lured mainly by a rare window of opportunity, to forge stronger relationships with the growing number of highly successful, globetrotting, indigenous power brokers. These individuals operate the many franchises of the Megavision Pictures empire. Consistently on the go, they move with confidence around the world, creating blockbusters, while firmly in control of their own time and money.

Under the creative direction of box-office superstar, owner, Jefford Curre', Megavision Pictures exhibits a clear and decisive model of 21st century leadership. As the company assumes its position as a world-class brand, it continues to focus on highly motivated students and career changing professionals. Megavision Pictures is bringing new meaning to the phrase “The world’s a stage and all are actors". Impressively surviving almost two decades of the Bahamas’ cinematic dark ages, Megavision Pictures has emerged onto the international scene as a beacon of brilliance, with a show of incredible strength, rising even beyond the fog of a worldwide recession.

As the new era in global cinema unfolds, few, if any have a better understanding of the competitive landscape than Megavision Pictures. Embracing a bilingual work culture, Megavision Pictures is wired to ride the storm of future transitions. Resourceful growth planning, calculated risk management and green orientated operational procedures, have given Megavision Pictures the highest prospect for continued growth.

The ingenious innovations of Megavision Pictures have enabled the Bahamas' first movie, “Paradise Intrigue" to remain the most economically viable, indigenous movie in the Bahamas film industry today. It has captured both the attention, as well as commanded the respect of even the most hardened critics.

Produced under top-secret conditions and against tremendous odds, puts this movie into a class all by itself. No longer the Bahamas' best kept secret, Megavision Pictures is now a world-wide thing, making its mark on global culture, without compromise or apology. From Wall Street to Hollywood, the word is out, Megavision Pictures is now officially in the box-office leaders' line-up.

LABELS: Megavision Pictures, Curre' Pictures, Comasuki, Anafu Pictures, Bossic Pictures, The Megavision Network Films and Homecrowd International.

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