Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bahamas Film Industry certification training

                                                                                                                                     How to train an advanced team to run your movie empire.                                                                                      Danielle, the first daughter of Jefford Curre' is the elegant superstar force behind Curre' Pictures.  She is an advance prototype of tomorrow's woman, but what's even better, she is impacting the world with her talents today. Her fine art photographic catalog remains in high demand in the world of silent auction exhibits.
Much like her sister RiQashan, she is perhaps a  perfect example of what can be achieved  with a made up mind, even against incredible odds. She was homeschooled by her parents all the way to an executive level, in an on the road program they created, called the Megavision Kingdom Academy.  It's a highly innovative program that is designed to help individuals to reach full potential as an artist.  It equips the individual with a level of business savviness that ensures a competitive edge within the global movie market place. By popular demand,  this year the program is being applied as a certification training priority for writers, students, and career changing  professionals making a transition into the Bahamas Film Industry.
The Curre' family is considered extremely weird and highly dysfunctional and what's even worse, they are not even trying to be like the rest. Jefford Curre' and the Bahamas First Family of Cinema (which includes Darlene, Danielle and RiQashan) will show you how to build or turn your family into a successful movie empire as they share blog tips from this years ''Box office Superstar Summit''. 
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