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In a quiet, friendly late night maneuver, with no Kung-Fu fighting, Jefford Curre’ became the proud owner of the Asian Movie Network.

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In 1991 Jefford Curre’ legally licensed Megavision Pictures and set up operations in Guanahani Village Resort, Bahamas with a sign on the wall that clearly read “Megavision Pictures”. At that time there was no such thing as a Bahamian movie company.  Believe it or not it was against the law to form or operate any kind of media/movie distribution operation. How did Jefford Curre’ overcome this unfair dilemma  that made its way into the progressive fiber of the nation that he had once put his life on the line to protect? The unbelievable story of how he changed the game is now revealed for the first time in his new bestseller ”JEFFORD CURRE’ CIVILIAN ENGAGEMENT” now on  AMAZON .

It was the early crowd pleasing hits like ”Mystery of the Granny Tales” and “Paradise Intrigue” that established Jefford Curre’ beyond contest, as a visionary leader that was bringing a new number one industry well into credible focus. During the opening week of Megavision Pictures, Jefford Curre’ did a press interview from the Town Center Mall. He and his movie stunt team had just thrilled thousands of kids with a spectacular live televised fight scene to promote the ”Paradise Intrigue” action movie.  A reporter asked him how does it feel to be the first in so many aspects of a new cinema industry. Curre’ replied, “It’s not so important to be the first, as it is to be the best. I may be the only one now, but if I did it right, six months from now there will be six more like it.” Today Jefford Curre’ remains the Bahamas most bankable superstar, with no real competition. There is no shortage of wannabes, lookalikes, imitators with flattering attempts to claim his credits. Jefford Curre’ however reserves a royal level  of respect for the real creators of new  and original innovations, that  add to the global platform of the Bahamas Movie Industry. 

In 1994 the young box-office entrepreneur incorporated Megavision Pictures Limited and moved his base onto Paradise Island.   As one Hollywood executive puts it “It was Jefford Curre’ who invented the blaze of  the Bahamas Film Industry, everyone else was simply inspired by the light of his burning flame and just kept on fanning.” 

The Asian Movie Network development has been in the make for quite some time. The Bahamas leading man of action remains humble in the conquest of his most ambitious undertaking, since his invention of the Bahamas Film Industry and the financial engineering of the indigenous movie making movement.   He was surprised by the speed at which his popularity  had increased in the global  market place and equally surprised to learn that he now impacts controlling interest in more than seventy Chinese movie related operations. The international jet-setting   superstar is no stranger to high-level achievements, respect or recognition. In 2010 the Wall Street Journal discovered the box-office genius and included him in a pick of only 7 individuals, that were selected from a network of more than 800 business professionals. The featured article, “The Networking Game” at:, brought to the attention of the world, a cool innovative power player, committed to the advancement of civilization with a much bigger plan. It is a plan that has positioned numerous trade organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups for maximum success in the new 21st-century economy. 

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Jefford Curre',  the Bahamas leading man of action puts the spotlight on the importance of maintaining love for one another, despite political views. The Bahamas kicks off the countdown toward the selection of the nation's leaders in the up and coming general election. Stars In Paradise magazine caught up with Jefford Curre' to get his take on what could be an important milestone in the history of the Bahamas.  Jefford explained, ''Most of the creative people are in one way or another involved in the Bahamas Film Industry, and they are accustomed to operating in an atmosphere of fierce competition.  What sets the Bahamas apart from most countries, is the fact that once an election is over it's over and we are back to loving up one another. No spirit of fear lives on.  You won't find anyone in the Bahamas Film Industry community wasting time practicing hatred or discrimination. We'll be far too busy building families and making movies."

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