Wednesday, May 17, 2017

THE MEGAVISION NETWORK Requesting permission to enter the highly  competitive worldwide television market  this  Fall. - Bahamas Film Industry Report

Major program remake, expanding beyond -

In 2010 the Wall Street Journal discovered the box-office genius and included him in a pick of only 7 individuals, that were selected from a network of more than 800 business professionals. The featured article, “The Networking Game” at:, brought to the attention of the world, a cool innovative power player, committed to the advancement of civilization with a much bigger plan. It is a plan that has positioned numerous trade organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups for maximum success in the new 21st-century economy.
 In 1994 Jefford Curre', the young box-office entrepreneur invented  the Bahamas Film Industry and  financially engineered the rise of the indigenous movie making movement.  The star of the Bahamas first movie, "Paradise Intrigue",  told Stars In Paradise magazine  that he was surprised by the speed at which his popularity  increased in the global marketplace.   He was equally moved  by the encouraging support of Box-office entrepreneurs around the world. The international jet-setting   superstar emerged from a small  start, but is no stranger to high-level achievements, respect or recognition.  Jefford tells SIP magazine that he remains humble and cognizant that the secret of his success is really no secret at all.   He went on to say,   "For many it is easier said than done. I make it a point to say 'thanks'  for every single thing  and I don't live with the attitude that I'm entitled to anything.  When I  find a hurt within the scope of my power, I don't think about it too much,  I heal it.   Its only when you  help to ease the pain of others, your own hurt goes away.   It's out of the stress of new challenges  that your biggest wins and breakthrough is achieved. 

 We won't enter the television market without permission, but if given the green light, we'll be going for the top and going for a lot.

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