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THE MEGAVISION NETWORK Requesting permission to enter the highly  competitive worldwide television market  this  Fall. - Bahamas Film Industry Report

Major program remake, expanding beyond -

In 2010 the Wall Street Journal discovered the box-office genius and included him in a pick of only 7 individuals, that were selected from a network of more than 800 business professionals. The featured article, “The Networking Game” at:, brought to the attention of the world, a cool innovative power player, committed to the advancement of civilization with a much bigger plan. It is a plan that has positioned numerous trade organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups for maximum success in the new 21st-century economy.
 In 1994 Jefford Curre', the young box-office entrepreneur invented  the Bahamas Film Industry and  financially engineered the rise of the indigenous movie making movement.  The star of the Bahamas first movie, "Paradise Intrigue",  told Stars In Paradise magazine  that he was surprised by the speed at which his popularity  increased in the global marketplace.   He was equally moved  by the encouraging support of Box-office entrepreneurs around the world. The international jet-setting   superstar emerged from a small  start, but is no stranger to high-level achievements, respect or recognition.  Jefford tells SIP magazine that he remains humble and cognizant that the secret of his success is really no secret at all.   He went on to say,   "For many it is easier said than done. I make it a point to say 'thanks'  for every single thing  and I don't live with the attitude that I'm entitled to anything.  When I  find a hurt within the scope of my power, I don't think about it too much,  I heal it.   Its only when you  help to ease the pain of others, your own hurt goes away.   It's out of the stress of new challenges  that your biggest wins and breakthrough is achieved. 

 We won't enter the television market without permission, but if given the green light, we'll be going for the top and going for a lot.

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JEFFORD CURRE' congratulates the HON. DR. HUBERT MINNIS.  Box-office entrepreneurs of the Bahamas installed a  brand new PRIME MINISTER. 
A Stars In Paradise report. 

In the interest of advancing phase II of the Bahamas Film Industry, thousands of box-office entrepreneurs teamed up to forge a homerun and inspire new levels of progress through accountability, integrity and crime elimination.  They ignited a well planed innovative campaign that moved with the pace of a major motion picture premiere.  The new wave of voters brought about a landslide victory for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Stars In Paradise would like to point out that the May 3th blog that ran viral into the eve of the election, was not intended in any way to influence election results. Stars In Paradise, the Bahamas official film industry magazine, is in no way affiliated with and take no responsibility for the Fox news broadcast. To some the Fox news story might have been interpreted as implying that a Chinese invasion of  the Bahamas was in progress.  Any resemblance between the STARS IN PARADISE story and the FOX NEWS story that ran behind the Stars In Paradise story, has been marked as pure coincidence, with no malicious intent.  As far as we know the Chinese are much welcome to respectfully share in the productivity and tranquility of the beautiful water world. 
Jefford Curre' ownership of the Asian Movie Network was simply a globally available business opportunity that anyone could have acquired if they were interested. 


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In a quiet, friendly late night maneuver, with no Kung-Fu fighting, Jefford Curre’ became the proud owner of the Asian Movie Network.

PLUS... An immensely thankful TERRANCE RODGERS.  Inspired to take on new challenges while enjoying the perks and access to opportunities that could only come with winning a JEFFORD CURRE' DISTINGUISHED MEDAL OF HONOR 

 Does Terrance Rogers have what it takes to build his own empire. Follow his exclusive story on

In 1991 Jefford Curre’ legally licensed Megavision Pictures and set up operations in Guanahani Village Resort, Bahamas with a sign on the wall that clearly read “Megavision Pictures”. At that time there was no such thing as a Bahamian movie company.  Believe it or not it was against the law to form or operate any kind of media/movie distribution operation. How did Jefford Curre’ overcome this unfair dilemma  that made its way into the progressive fiber of the nation that he had once put his life on the line to protect? The unbelievable story of how he changed the game is now revealed for the first time in his new bestseller ”JEFFORD CURRE’ CIVILIAN ENGAGEMENT” now on  AMAZON .

It was the early crowd pleasing hits like ”Mystery of the Granny Tales” and “Paradise Intrigue” that established Jefford Curre’ beyond contest, as a visionary leader that was bringing a new number one industry well into credible focus. During the opening week of Megavision Pictures, Jefford Curre’ did a press interview from the Town Center Mall. He and his movie stunt team had just thrilled thousands of kids with a spectacular live televised fight scene to promote the ”Paradise Intrigue” action movie.  A reporter asked him how does it feel to be the first in so many aspects of a new cinema industry. Curre’ replied, “It’s not so important to be the first, as it is to be the best. I may be the only one now, but if I did it right, six months from now there will be six more like it.” Today Jefford Curre’ remains the Bahamas most bankable superstar, with no real competition. There is no shortage of wannabes, lookalikes, imitators with flattering attempts to claim his credits. Jefford Curre’ however reserves a royal level  of respect for the real creators of new  and original innovations, that  add to the global platform of the Bahamas Movie Industry. 

In 1994 the young box-office entrepreneur incorporated Megavision Pictures Limited and moved his base onto Paradise Island.   As one Hollywood executive puts it “It was Jefford Curre’ who invented the blaze of  the Bahamas Film Industry, everyone else was simply inspired by the light of his burning flame and just kept on fanning.” 

The Asian Movie Network development has been in the make for quite some time. The Bahamas leading man of action remains humble in the conquest of his most ambitious undertaking, since his invention of the Bahamas Film Industry and the financial engineering of the indigenous movie making movement.   He was surprised by the speed at which his popularity  had increased in the global  market place and equally surprised to learn that he now impacts controlling interest in more than seventy Chinese movie related operations. The international jet-setting   superstar is no stranger to high-level achievements, respect or recognition. In 2010 the Wall Street Journal discovered the box-office genius and included him in a pick of only 7 individuals, that were selected from a network of more than 800 business professionals. The featured article, “The Networking Game” at:, brought to the attention of the world, a cool innovative power player, committed to the advancement of civilization with a much bigger plan. It is a plan that has positioned numerous trade organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups for maximum success in the new 21st-century economy. 

Inspire someone to win against incredible odds, give them a gift of “JEFFORD CURRE’ CIVILIAN ENGAGEMENT” now on AMAZON


Jefford Curre',  the Bahamas leading man of action puts the spotlight on the importance of maintaining love for one another, despite political views. The Bahamas kicks off the countdown toward the selection of the nation's leaders in the up and coming general election. Stars In Paradise magazine caught up with Jefford Curre' to get his take on what could be an important milestone in the history of the Bahamas.  Jefford explained, ''Most of the creative people are in one way or another involved in the Bahamas Film Industry, and they are accustomed to operating in an atmosphere of fierce competition.  What sets the Bahamas apart from most countries, is the fact that once an election is over it's over and we are back to loving up one another. No spirit of fear lives on.  You won't find anyone in the Bahamas Film Industry community wasting time practicing hatred or discrimination. We'll be far too busy building families and making movies."

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Jefford Curre' Bahamas film industry ''Man of the year''. The inventor of the Bahamas movie industry and the box-office entrepreneur who financially engineered the global rise of the Bahamian indigenous movie making movement, winning big against incredible odds.


Marinated in well placed, side-splitting humor, as only Jefford Curre' can do. "JEFFORD CURRE' CIVILIAN ENGAGEMENT" is an adventurous story that will help you realize that dark moments don't last forever. It will hurt. It can even kill you if you don't change your perspective. More importantly is the fact that if it doesn't kill you, it will always lead you to a higher place and that includes work, play, business, and relationships. This book episode is loaded with heroes just like you, who struggled and made impossible dreams come true.

7 of the most frequently asked questions about the Bahamas leading man of action and the rise of the Bahamas movie industry.

Question 1.  How did a monkish nerd like Jefford get to live in with forty super hot girls, during his training days in Los Angeles and what did he do?

Steamy, stylish, risky and compelling. “Jefford Curre' Civilian Engagement” has been praised for highlighting one of the most intriguing chapters in the making of modern cinema history. It's bold and determine, with an out of the box approach that's not even trying to be like anything you've read before. Venture behind the scenes of a never before told story.  Ride along with the Bahamas biggest and most popular action figure.  From the nerve dangling pioneering missions of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, follow through to his ground breaking invention of the Bahamas Film Industry.  Be a part of the action as he braves the rugged and treacherous frontiers of off-shore politics, sex, banking, and religion. Find out how this box-office genius changed the game and financially engineered the rise of the Bahamian indigenous movie-making movement.
Question 2. How do you make money in the Bahamas Film Industry and still go to heaven?

(This book does not give advice of any kind.  Though the story is true, it's intended for entertainment purposes only, and should not be the basis of any decisions.)


Star/Director/Creator of
“Paradise Intrigue” the Bahamas first movie
Question 3. Apart from his mother and father, who were the mystery mentors behind the rise of Jefford Curre', and why did they commit to his vision?

Before entering the movie business, the elusive Jefford Curre’ lived a very dangerous life. He found himself managing multi-million dollar temptations, in the deadly intervention of major narcotics smuggling operations that traffic through the outer limits of the Bahamas.  Like a “Bond-style” bounty hunter, running real life intervention missions for the Bahamas government, he spent more than 5-1/2 years at the center of the non-stop classified action.  As a highly trusted direct entry specialist, he has more than 37 off the record missions to his credit. Jefford Curre' was raised under monk style conditions by strict, but loving  Christian parents on the 7 by 21-mile island of New Providence, Nassau Bahamas.  At the age of eighteen, he was discreetly recruited to the front lines of law endorsement', catapulted into a culture where the takedown of murderous drug criminals, sophisticated money launderers, virtuous hot women and disgruntled weapons experts were the order of an average day.

At the age of four, his box office journey began while out to the shopping center with his mother.  It was the first time he had seen a moving picture. He was so intrigued by the fun the little people were having inside the T.V. set, he ran around the back of the big T.V. to see if he could get inside. After inquiring, his mother told him that they were movie stars and movie stars don't go to heaven. His family was a part of a strict religious order who in time had modernized their views toward cinema and became one of his greatest supporters.

Question 4. How did Jefford Curre' invent the Bahamas Film Industry?

It's ironic that Jefford Curre' would end up as the pioneer of the Bahamas Film Industry. Before his first trip to America as a young adult, pursuing film studies, he had not even set foot inside a movie theater. By 1990, the Bahamas was a nation trapped in the success of a volatile tourist trade. It was becoming more obvious that new innovation would be needed to secure future job market. The thought of indigenous people operating their own movie company was laughable.  Jefford Curre' saw the vision of the future and a clear shot for his people to rise toward real economic prosperity. He requested his parents to grant him his share of the family's inheritance in advance.

In 1991 on a highly organized shoestring budget he set up Megavision Pictures, a movie industry research, and development office in Guanahani Village, Nassau Bahamas.  The huge sign board on the wall indicated that a new way of entrepreneurial thinking was brewing among the locals.  By the summer of 1994, with the help of visionary resort operators, he incorporated Megavision Pictures  Limited and moved his base onto Paradise Island, occupying two locations under closed studio conditions.


 Question 5. How did Jefford Curre' crisis become his biggest opportunity?

Like all pioneers his obstacles were endless. The bank demanded to hold the family's $80,000 property in order to give a mere  $15,000 loan, which was a far cry from the original request of $30,000.  Then they surprisingly stretched the loan distribution over a very long period, in small increments.  It was an advanced predatory maneuver beyond the experience of the young entrepreneur. It created a dilemma that left him minus the family's property and literally the clothes on his back.  He was facing major embarrassment with a nervous wife in one arm and a crying baby in the other.  

The Bahamas leading man of action was facing his darkest day in the civilian life.  It was a situation that should have destroyed him, but instead motivated his interest in the study of financial engineering.  Employing savvy negotiation skills, it was not long before he was able to attract a network of innovative goal sharing partners to assist in the organization of the Megavision Kingdom Academy. An in-house home school that was designed especially to enable him to take the entire family on tours. Dirty diaper changes, production shoots, trailblazing mountain blizzards and often breakfast, lunch, and dinner in completely different cities. These are the conditions that molded the office of Jefford Curre' into an unbeatable force in the new world of Box-office excitement. Later as the children grew beyond toddler stage,  he redesigned the operation to equip entry level box-office entrepreneurs with the skills and perspective needed to avoid or overcome financial challenges and succeed at navigating full-time careers. 

Jefford Curre' changed the economic outlook of an entire nation and raise the bar of hope for many. It did not take long before everyone realized that making movies was something they could succeed at,  all they needed was a full-time commitment through hell or high water.  An army of locals now storms the indigenous cinema landscape. Jefford Curre' ingenious box-office innovations have been featured in a wide variety of major publications including the Wall Street Journal  ( ), Stars in Paradise and USA Today.

Question  6. What did the Prime Minister of the Bahamas do that gave Jefford Curre' a leap frog start in the invention of the Bahamas Film Industry and why? 

The phenomenal success of this youngster, who emerged from a skinny nerd, living on a dead end street, will change almost everything you thought you knew about how to succeed in the entertainment business.  Most importantly, his tenacity inspired struggling filmmakers around the world to realize their untapped power. His unstoppable momentum against incredible odds enabled Bahamians to realize for the first time that there was something they could succeed at without limitations. Jefford Curre' became the one to watch and a vivid example of the fact that they did not need a wealthy family, religious prestige, tight government connections or an impressive social status, in order to be a full-time success in the Bahamas new number one industry.

As a big advocate of honor, respect and allegiance, Jefford Curre' holds the Bahamas Film Industry's Distinguished Medal of Honor. He is the first inductee into the Bahamas Movie Hall Of Fame and leads by strategic influence, a new world of box-office excitement.   More than just a leader he is an artist beyond compare and a powerful inspiration to anyone who struggles to make impossible dreams come true. He lives between homes in the Bahamas and Los Angeles, when not on tour at least 200 dates a year.  He is often accompanied by his wife, Darlene and two daughters Danielle and RiQashan. They are all successful full-time box-office entrepreneurs in the global scope of the fast growing spectacular cinema movement, now branded as the Bahamas Film Industry, ( Long before Bahamian film festivals, screen actors associations, film camps and cinema societies, there was Jefford Curre' forging the Bahamas indigenous movie landscape into being. From an original indigenous cinema point of view, the Curre' family reigns as the Bahamas First Family of Cinema. Jefford, Darlene, Danielle, and RiQashan make up the core of a powerful indigenous international cinema group that's 7,000 strong and growing.  

Question 7. Where? 


Bahamas Film Industry report - “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor” off to a great start.

New season of nomination pick gets on the way for the most sort after accolade in the new world of Box-office excitement.

For many, it rivaled the anticipation and excitement of the New Year's Eve countdown while raising the bar on respect, kindness, and honor.

This New Year's Eve marked another important milestone in the history of honor and entertainment. For some, it might have been just another year-end, but for many, it was a double thriller. The anticipation of the announcement of the winners of the “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor” rivaled the excitement of the New Year's Eve countdown. It was the official introduction of a new and exciting accolade named after Jefford Curre'. Jefford Curre' is the inventor of the Bahamas Film Industry and the box-office entrepreneur who financially engineered the rise of the Bahamian indigenous movie-making movement (

What is it that sets the “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor apart from every other award?

It is not given down, it's given up,” Jefford explains. “Everyone the committee nominated is much better than I am in the category that they were nominated for. It's equally important to note that while I do admire their work, I do not fall under their leadership. However, many lives have been touched by the tireless work of each and every nominee. I don't know of any award you can receive without having a particular social tie-in, political affiliation, military club membership or religious grouping. We felt there was a gap and the time was right to change the motivation for accolade giving. It seems only fair and makes complete common sense. Why can't we just give honor simply because honor is due?''
The launch of the “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor took one year in planning. It was impressively executed by a social media team of goal sharing volunteers and friends of the Curre' family. The entire team spent a fun-filled New Year's Eve weekend hanging out with Jefford at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Without a hitch, the “Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor” got off to a great start, announcing its first round of winners exactly as the clock struck twelve.
Terrance Rodgers created the biggest upset of the night as he took a commanding lead in votes, winning the top spot in the category of Entertainment Science. It was a category that many thought could have easily been dominated by the iconic, crowd- pleasing Lincs Scavella or the communication master, Ossie Andros. Sneaky film industry pioneer William Butler took the win in the category of Box-Office Innovation, closely followed by the gorgeous Swedish filmmaker, Anna Essling, and Lincs Scavella. Terrance Rogers, however, took a pounding in the category of Kindness and Philanthropy up against the good deed gladiator Pema Dorjee, who took the winning accolade, sending Cristian S. Aluas running for cover. Christian S. Aluas rebounded with an incredible resilience to forge an amazing and impressive win at the top of the ''Performance Art'' category. He barely edged out the forever controversial Ossie Andros who was closely trailed by Anna Essling in the final countdown. All results are now official.
Bringing to the forefront,  leaders committed full time to the sharing of their special gifts, to make the world a better place. 
The Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor has opened the portal to a new world of opportunities in entertainment, arts, science and philanthropy. It was originally planned as a simple goodwill gesture,” says Jefford, “But somehow it got blown completely out of proportion. Judging from the overflow of positive feedback, the next event could quadruple in scale. There are special people among us who have made a major difference in the lives of so many. They have made a decision to commit full time to the sharing of their leadership abilities and special gifts, in order to make the world a better place. Most of us simply go on without even realizing how much their contributions have impacted what we may now take for granted. The Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor is out to raise the bar on Respect, Kindness, and Honor.”

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24 new Bahamas film industry movies in line for distribution by Megavision Pictures.

The action kicks off

with the global release of JEFFORD CURRE'


The story follows a top secret government agent who finds himself at the center of a global crisis. He's a high target for underground recruitment, and the top priority of an international manhunt. It’s a race against time and against all odds, as the Bahamas’ leading man of action battles to save the peaceful playground from total destruction.

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