Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bahamas Film Industry Icon relates to Black History Month from a worldwide cinema view.

Jefford Curre' , Bahamas Film Industry Icon identifies with the challenges and triumps that marks Black History Month.
During this Black History month, Stars In Paradise will feature, an excerpt from "Jefford Curre' Epic Memoir".  This month's daily segments will be taken from the chapter titled, "Civilian Engagement".


Civilian Engagement (

After 5-1/2 years of non-stop action and 37 successful missions in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, I needed a therapeutic transition into civilian life. So I followed up on all the tour invites generated by my hit records and started touring. When the tour reached California I regained a renewed interest in my childhood desire to make movies. With the help of a few Hollywood insiders, I began my movie industry training with a few workshops/seminars in production and marketing at UCLA. I was given special invitational access to the set of big budget movies. During this time I met a lot of very nice girls and guys, who were also pursuing some sort of art career. We all lived together in a very nice place near the beach, that was set up by a few European philanthropists and business professionals. I was invited to join for a residential stay which was very convenient at the time of a major transitional point in my life. 
When I first moved in, I must admit, I was a bit on my guard, and. I could not believe that people actually set up operations like this to assist artist. But over the cause of time I realized that the world is truly made up of a lot of different mindsets and kindness can come without any sinister agenda. There are truly a lot of very smart people committed to making the world a better place for the good of all. These small philanthropic groups began as small operations and over the years they grew to become a real potent force for good. Not to mention controlling major acquisitions of key entertainment and luxury projects. 
That summer my agent surprised me by securing a unique position on the set of John Claude Vandam’s, Lion Heart movie. The part initially started out as an extra and then moved up to...
to be continued




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