Wednesday, February 24, 2016

''JEFFORD CURRE' DISTINGUISHED MEDAL OF HONOR'' - The most prestigious accolade in the Bahamas Film Industry is fast becoming the most sought after award in the new world of box-office excitement.

Honouring the best of the best 
in box-office entrepreneuring 
and philanthropy

The "Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal of Honor" is given to outstanding Box-Office entrepreneurs who defied the odds against incredible limitations, overcame their personal struggles and made impossible dreams come true in public service.

  Dispite hardship, discrimination and road blocks, these individuals overcame with innovation, prayer and determination. Their alligence to what is right echoed the mandate of Jefford Curre' which is to make the world a better place by committing yourself full-time to the execution of positive action that significantly impact the quality of  life in work, play, business and relationship.

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