Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jefford Curre' - ranks as the highest and most respected accolade in the Bahamas Film Industry. Oscar concerns

Why Bahamas Film Industry professionals are not the least concerned about Oscar results.

It's cool, prestigious  and happening. The most welcome addition to the movie industry scene since the invention of technicolor. The "Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal  of Honor" is given only to the best of the best in box-office entrepreneuring, mentorship and philanthropy.    It is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated artistic allegiance to the cause of making the world a better place through motion pictures, entertainment arts and science.

What Oscar winners like about the "Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor", is that you don't have to be from a wealthy family, go to a certain church or have tight government connections. You don't have to be good at politics or be a certain color to make it in the lineup. If an individual qualifies in any of these areas that's cool too. The only reason why anyone will be offered a nomination for the "Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal Of Honor" is because their community contributions are improving the quality of life in work, play, business and relationships.  

The highly prestigious "Jefford Curre' Distinguished Medal of Honor" provides the momentum of a  career rocket for the well prepared. Stars In Paradise magazine is keeping track, as this revolution in honor is fast becoming the most coveted award in the new world of box-office excitement. Jefford Curre' is the first Bahamian to have a Medal of Honor named after him. The Bahamas leading man of action is the star of ''Paradise Intrigue'', (the Bahamas first movie) the inventor of the Bahamas Film Industry and the box-office entrepreneur who financially engineered the rise of the indigenous Bahamian movie making movement. 

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