Thursday, February 19, 2015

14. Bahamas Film Industry thriller now in heavy demand

 Jefford Curre'
epic memoir is the top secret files of the Bahamas leading man  of action it's an all out series of real life thrillers that deliver spectacular entertainment

During this Black History month, Stars In Paradise will feature, an excerpt from "Jefford Curre' Epic Memoir".  This month's daily segments will be taken from the chapter titled, "Civilian Engagement".

Civilian Engagement  Excerpt No.14.
...........Contd. from excerpt No. 13. posted on march 13th


We've got to stay focused," he replied. The knock on the door continued in fierce persistence, but he didn't even budge, as he got into the details of an elaborate plan. It seemed as if whoever it was at the door got the message. We continued our conversation. He urged me not to sell my Bahamas assets, but continue building the support infrastructure of the Bahamas Indigenous Film Industry. Mystery man made it very clear that my cooperation to stay incognito for a while, would greatly assist in tracking and eliminating the source of the threats. "Eliminate" was a strong word, perhaps out of frustration and anger, but it merely meant discouraging the practice of illegal threats, by negotiating from a position of strength. Laying low was not easy, I knew that I was not the kind of person that could live in a locked away witness protection style program. However, the quiet times gave me an opportunity to take care of some very important details, like raising a complete family while on tour, as well as travelling back and forth to take care of hometown details. The task was not easy, but I committed myself to do what had to be done. It was a matter of doing the hard thing that was necessary, to maintain control of my budding empire.

My position in the global movie market today, has enabled me not only to be an exceptional family person, but also an action orientated guardian, for the concerns of many indigenous movie makers. I have no political ambition. However my success is a testimony to my integrity, box-office innovation and a commitment to the concept that it takes a diligent team to reach the top. I would not be in this position if I had taken the easy way of the comfort zone with no real power. By the time the counter campaign was successfully completed I was still in control of Megavision Pictures, but funding had come to a halt, as a result of the bank cuts resulting from a well planned conspiracy campaign. My enemies were gaining ground, I was losing support in every direction. It was a time in the Bahamas when people believed everything they read in the newspaper. Most people don't know that almost every news organization is in partnership with some business venture. Even though it is considered unethical they often only report one side of the story. This knowledge was an eye opener for me and I did find out the hard way. I could only imagine how Moses felt, trapped against the Red sea with Pharaoh's army on the way, without the advantage of or The Megavision Network to tell his side of the exodus story. I be continued

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