Friday, February 20, 2015

15. Bahamas Film Industry Icon relates to Black History Month from a worldwide cinema veiw.

 Jefford Curre'
Bahamas Film Industry 


Stars In Paradise will feature, an excerpt from "Jefford Curre' Epic Memoir".  This month's daily segments will be taken from the chapter titled, "Civilian Engagement".

Civilian Engagement  Excerpt No.15.
...........Contd. from excerpt No. 14. posted on march 13th 

I had no choice but to give up or seek a higher source of help. This time I decided to change my approach. I had so many problems at this point, I literally felt embarrassed to ask God for anything. So in my prayer of desperation, I decided to simply thank Him for the solution. The solution that I faithfully assumed was on the way. I had no evidence, I simply could not believe that God would abandon me, when considering it was He who gave me the vision to birth the Bahamas Film Industry. The next day an amazing thing happened I could not see it coming and there was no reason for it, I didn't ask for it neither was I qualified for it.

As faith would have it, I was be continued.

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