Wednesday, February 11, 2015

7. Bahamas Film Industry most sought after artist in resident box office ministry goes global

Jefford Curre' , Bahamas Film Industry artist in resident program prepare for expansion 

Excerpt from "Jefford Curre' Epic Memoir".  This month's daily segments will be taken from the chapter titled, "Civilian Engagement".

Civilian Engagement  Excerpt No. 7.
...........Contd. from excerpt No. 6. posted on march 5th 

I heard a knock at the door and when I opened it the police arrested me for breaking and entering.  I actually using my own key to open my own office, however, their attitude was conclusive, due to the fact it was not common to see locals running a business in the area.  I produced all my credentials, but it made no difference.  The officer simply said, "Office hours are from 9-5  and no black people own no office in here."  (actually I'm not really black, I'm brown, but that made no difference).  Apparently they were in search of a robbery suspect and saw me going into my office and simply saw an opportunity to make their work easier.  As a result, I spend the night locked up in a cell until the lawyer, Wallace Whitfield,  along with criminal investigation offices were able to clear up the misunderstanding. 

Yes, it was a false arrest and even though my image was tinted in the eyes of those who did not know the details, I decided to let it go.  So why didn't I sue?  Suing the government or the police department would have given the impression that the country was bad on judgments, when in fact, I knew the whole incident was simply the works of one female cop who simply wanted to show off herself in front of tourists.  As it is written, "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord."  This situation though intended for bad, played itself into helping me overcome a massive pioneering hurdle that I was be continued

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