Monday, February 2, 2015

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          Memorial for Dagney Curry 



A beautiful princess we have come to know and affectionately call "Dag" was called to the throne of grace to fulfill her Heavenly place. On the morning of January 28th 2015, Dagney Curry was taken away from us while in her sleep, due to complications of the heart.
I am sure you will agree that with the same heart she housed a caring spirit, always there with a listening ear and a willingness to meet the needs of others. She filled our world with laughter and hopefulness like few can.  For many of us she was the presence that inspired. Equally important she was the warm hug that comforted us and the smile that said everything is going to be alright, moving us forward in our times of trouble.
  We are hoping to raise as much as possible to assist with ceremonial costs as well as establish a memorial in her honor.  Any amount large or small will be greatly appreciated,  and will bring a measure of relief to her family in this time of tremendous loss and sadness.
In lieu of flowers please take a moment to make your best donation. We anticipate and appreciate your support. 
Please share this page. Thank you!

that no other organization, group or family member is authorized or instructed to negotiate any arrangement, settle any account or collect any donations on behalf of the family, without the written consent of Jefford Curre'.
In consideration of the economic burden that might be placed on some attempting to attend from around the globe, it has been determined to set up a non-traditional memorial ceremony that does not necessarily require the physical presence of everyone.  We know that your heart is connected with our hearts at this time.
The memorial ceremony will be executed by a small gathering, but also carried online to our many family members and friends that are linked with us.  The memorial ceremony will be held on Sunday February 22, 2015 in Miami, Fla. 

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