Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bahamas Film Industry tells incredible but well documented story.

Jefford Curre' stands tall

like a real life action hero. 

Forging a high level of 

sophistication and style, as he 

empowers the strategic advancement of

the Bahamas Film Industry.

He continues to inspire an army of
Bahamian filmmakers with boldness
and creative innovation, but very little is known about the jet-setting indigenous power broker.
Well that's all about to change as
the Bahamas leading man of action
has finally inked the release agreement for the full disclosure version of his epic memoir.

It has been six years and five rejected versions of the book's manuscript before reaching a settlement with his Comasuki partners. The main issue that led to the delay was due to the fact that
Curre' is a Bahamian, a peculiar
bunch, that strives on privacy and
takes no pleasure in revealing personal,
or even worst steamy details.

There's a good chance you might be
tempted to change almost everything
you thought you knew about
this elusive man of action.
"Jefford Curre" book release

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