Monday, February 9, 2015

5. Bahamas Film Industry big problems are Bahamas Movie Industry big advantages.

His biggest problems provided his biggest opportunity for growth. Jefford curre' real life adventures at the start  of the Bahamas film industry encourage us all to look at disappointments from a positive perspective. It motivates us to view setbacks as going backward, in a slingshot. 

Excerpt from "Jefford Curre' Epic Memoir".  This month's daily segments will be taken from the chapter titled, "Civilian Engagement".

Civilian Engagement  Excerpt No. 5.
...........Contd. from excerpt No. 4. posted on march 2nd 

"I have made more money than I could spend in my life time, and I can't take it with me.  My only goal is to have the best time I can, with whatever time I have left, and to do as much good as I can.  I can tell that your heart is in the right place.  If there is anyway I can be of help just let me know."  I quickly realized where he was going and did not want to pursue it.  I did not want to change the nature of our friendship in anyway, by making him feel that my time with him was in pursuit of money.  His counsel was invaluable at this critical point and I needed to keep the door of no pressure communication open.
Never be in a position to need money, or like my grandmother used to say, "Don't be hot for anything."  It is a strategy that I had developed over the years.  My uncle Pat taught me the most important thing in playing chess was to position yourself well in advance, in order to maneuver with authority and confidence to any position that you need to be in when the time presented itself.  Positioning as he used to say, is everything, in anything you plan to do.  With everyone fully knowledgeable of my position, it has allowed me access to all levels of authority in the Bahamas and around the world.  Unlike many of my counterparts who were always asking for something from politicians, I decided to distinguish myself to be the one call that they may get that is up beat, positive and not asking for anything.  My call or intended visit now means one thing and one thing only - I have something to give to a community.  As a result, I don't get fake  corporate or bureaucratic delays on important issues.  I have never been put on hold and no one had ever found a need to hide behind their secretaries, because "Jefford" was calling.
Later that summer I invited Mystery man to my house for a down to earth fresh fish meal, prepared by the best cook in the Bahamas, Darlene.  We talked about old times, the future and he even let me in on some secrets he could not share with me while I was a direct entry marine specialist, working under him.  These were mostly funny stories about top administration personnel.  Mystery man brought the money issue up again.  This time I told him, "Well sir, since you're so persistent on turning me into a big film financing mogul, why don't you introduce me to all of your rich friends?"  It was really a joke, but he took me seriously.  The next be continued

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